Jason Sudeikis About To Be Baby Daddy Times Two

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are expecting their second child. The couple, who have been dating for quite a while and been engaged nearly as long, announced their big news through an Instagram post. While Jason Sudeikis wasn’t present in the shot, his devoted love showed how excited the family was by displaying her growing baby bump alongside their first child, Otis.

The 2-year-old is seen grinning and showing off his own belly. The caption on Wilde’s Instagram post says “matching baby bumps.” While Sudeikis and Wilde have apparently been expecting the arrival of their second child for quite a while, the couple has kept the pregnancy under wraps until Monday. Representatives for both Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis confirmed to Us Weekly there was indeed a bun in the oven shortly after the social media post went viral.

The family, who call New York their home turf these days, have been enjoying some fun in the sun in Hawaii over the last week. The picture showing Sudeikis’ newest child is taken while Wilde is sporting a bikini, apparently fresh off the beach. It seems as though the couple decided this trip would be the perfect time to let their many fans know about their great news.

While Jason Sudeikis and his girlfriend have been together for quite some time, it doesn’t appear as though they’re in a great hurry to walk down the aisle and become man and wife. The pair has been dating since 2011 and became engaged in 2013. Not too long after they announced their engagement, Jason and Olivia told their devoted fans they were expecting their first child. That baby is now Otis, who seems to be having plenty of fun with his mom and dad despite what has to be very busy schedules for both actors.

While still making appearances every now and then on Saturday Night Live, Jason is also shooting or appearing in no less than eight different projects. Sudeikis has a wide-ranging career that spans animated films like Angry Birds and “end of the world” comedies such as Last Man on Earth. Often thought of as a comedic actor, Jason Sudeikis is also someone who doesn’t shy away from more serious roles.

Sudeikis recently wrapped production on a film called Colossal, in which a woman slowly realizes she’s having a mental break down. Jason Sudeikis is far from the only person in the family who is booking parts consistently. Like her famous fiance, Olivia Wilde is in high demand these days and also manages to work in a huge variety of different parts.

Just a few years ago, Wilde cut her teeth in the supernatural horror genre with Lazarus but more recently has returned to her comedy roots. The actress is currently starring in HBO’s Vinyl and has made appearances in the Netflix original animated series Bojack Horseman. Despite those busy schedules, Jason Sudeikis and his famous fiancee is often seen out on the town together along with Otis. It seems as though making time for each other no matter the schedule has worked well for Jason and Olivia as they work through typical relationship issues that pop up for everyone.

If you’re hoping Sudeikis and Wilde might finally nail down a date to tie the knot now that baby number two is on the way, you probably shouldn’t hold your breath. When recently asked when he might finally move from fiance to groom, Jason Sudeikis said he and his long time girl would get married when marijuana is legal everywhere in the United States.

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