Texas A&M Shooting: A Story Told Via Twitter With First-Hand Accounts

UPDATE: There seems to be an issue with our Twitter-embeds. We’re currently working on the issue and will have the full-article back soon.

As we previously reported, Texas A&M University suffered tragic loss on Monday, as a gunman opened fire near campus from inside a house. Amid the Aurora, Colorado shootings, IQ brought you a unique perspective into the incident by showing real-time Twitter updates by theater goers. Now, amid the Texas A&M shooting that has claimed three lives as of this post, we bring you the same style report – dozens of to-the-minute tweets from several students and University officials during and after the incident.

The gunman was killed after being shot dead by SWAT officers during the College Station shootout. As many as 30 shots (perhaps more) were fired by the suspect and law enforcement officials. A male civilian was fatally shot in the incident, and three people, including a police officer and a female, were wounded, according to reports.

The College Station Police Department (referred to in tweets as CSPD) identified the dead law enforcement official as Constable Brian Bachmann, 41, a married father of two who won the position of Constable of Brazos County, Texas, after a 2010 election. Police responding to the scene saw Bachmann lying dead on the front lawn of the suspect’s house. Some reports say that Bachmann was merely serving an eviction notice when the shooter opened fire on him, mortally wounding the Constable.

The Texas A&M shooting is the latest of a disturbing trend in gun-related violence across this country, coming just a month after 12 people were killed and 58 wounded in a movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, and a mere week after six people were shoot to death at Sikh temple in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

IQ will bring you more on the story as it develops: for breaking updates on the shooting, click here or consult our website’s front page.

Real-time updates via the official Texas A&M Twitter page:

Last tweet before shooting:

As the shooting began:

Texas A&M student Angelina Naspretto, who tweeted significantly throughout the incident:

Last tweet before shooting:


As the shooting began:







Miscellaneous tweets:


UPDATE: There seems to be an issue with our Twitter-embeds. We’re currently working on the issue and will have the full-article back soon.