Michael Phelps Strips Down For Louis Vuitton Ads

Straight off of his London Olympics victories, Michael Phelps is back in the water — if you count the bathtub. The Speedo-wearing Olympic swimmer has struck a deal with Louis Vuitton and is their newest face for their campaign.

Phelps, who announced that this Olympics marked the end of his swimming career, is going out with a bang. The brand new ad that was released today, has the Olympics golden boy siting in a tub filled half way with murky water. By his side is a signature Louis Vuitton bag with his jeans, and what looks like to be an extra pair of swim goggles, a speedo, and his 22 Olympic medals.

The most celebrated Olympian to come out of the Olympics is seen wearing only a speedo, goggles and a suggestive and rather fierce expression on his face. The ad, was reportedly shot by arguably the most famous photographer, Annie Leibovitz. As for her signature style, this isn’t the only person she’s shot in a tub. Famous folks such as Angelina Jolie and Whoopie Goldberg have jumped in the tub for Leibovitz, and now Michael is the latest.

Although he’s retired, this probably won’t be the last time we see Michael Phelps image. His image in the swimming world is one of the most powerful and expensive of the sport. In fact, with Louis Vuitton added to the list, it seems that the offers for marketing campaigns keep on rolling in. As far as his endorsements it’s a long list, including Speedo, Visa, Omega, PowerBar, AT&T, Kellogg (who subsequently dropped him), and even Rosetta Stone.

Where would you like to see Michael Phelps next?