Chelsea Houska Wedding Speculation: Will The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Tie The Knot This Summer?

Chelsea Houska is currently living her dream. The Teen Mom 2 star has finally found the love of her life, and they will be walking down the aisle soon.

Houska became engaged to Cole DeBoer several months ago. The two have been dating seriously for quite some time now, and he loves her daughter as much as he loves her. Houska has always wanted to get married and have a family. Now that DeBoer is in her life and has promised forever, Houska is about to get everything she has ever dreamed about.

The Teen Mom 2 star has decided against filming her wedding. Chelsea Houska wants her special day to be intimate, just with family and friends. There have not been many details released, but Houska has promised to share her photos with fans.

It was originally thought the reality star would have a fall wedding, but that may no longer be the case. According to Starpulse, Chelsea Houska tweeted about the wedding being soon. This means it is likely a summer wedding, though that has not been confirmed. Fans have been anxiously awaiting details regarding Houska’s wedding planning, but she is keeping much of it secret.

It is unknown if Chelsea Houska will invite her Teen Mom 2 co-stars to her wedding. She has been known to be close to Kailyn Lowry, but the two other two girls likely won’t be invited. Lowry and Houska used to be incredibly tight. They would text and see one another, but that subsided once Lowry got married. Things have been shaky for all of the girls on the show lately, but Houska remains the most grounded. Her drama is usually because of Adam Lind, which has been a battle for the last several seasons. With a good group of friends and a good relationship with most of her co-stars, Houska is set.

Drama isn’t something Chelsea Houska is interested in. She had enough of that with the relationship she had with Adam Lind. Things need to run smooth and if they don’t, she just isn’t interested. Houska met Cole DeBoer at a gas station. It was almost an instant connection, and things have been great ever since.

Houska isn’t into online drama either. She likes her relationships and friendships to run smoothly. When Jenelle Evans came after Houska on Twitter for launching a website, she was not down with the drama. Kailyn Lowry came in to defend her friend, and it caused a bit of tension when the Teen Mom 2 reunion show was taped a few weeks ago. Things have since calmed down, but don’t expect Evans to be attending Houska’s wedding.

There has been speculation that Chelsea Houska would be getting married sometime during the fall. Her engagement announcement had fans excited, and when she talked about the wedding, it appeared that she was planning it around the falling leaves.

Deciding not to film the wedding for Teen Mom 2 was a decision made by both Houska and Cole DeBoer. He is a lot more private with his life, and while he is currently filming alongside Houska, it isn’t always what he wants to do. The two have been planning their wedding for several months now. Houska bought her dress and is in the final stages of getting ready to walk down the aisle. Fans are excited to see photos from the big day.

After Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer tie the knot, the pressure will be on for them to have a baby. While Aubree is currently the only child, the couple does want more in the future. Chelsea Houska has been vocal about wanting more children and the only question that remains is when will they announce their first child together is on the way.

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