Watch Bernie Sanders Hunter’s Point Rally Stream Live: TV On The Radio Play, Danny Glover Speaks In Final NY Event

Bernie Sanders makes one last push to win the New York Primary with a huge rally that will stream live Monday from Hunter’s Point in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens, New York City, just a day after drawing what was reported to be the biggest crowd of his entire campaign to a rally in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on Sunday afternoon.

At Hunter’s Point, the Bernie Sanders rally follows the recent trend of many of the candidate’s youth-oriented events, doubling as an indie-rock show. On Monday, the widely acclaimed Brooklyn-based alternative rock band TV On The Radio will open the rally with a set of their songs.

Actor Danny Glover, most famous as a co-star of the Lethal Weapon buddy-cop action movie series, will also speak, introducing Sanders.

The crowd that packed into the iconic Prospect Park in Brooklyn Sunday was estimated, according to published reports, at 28,300 people, larger even than a rally he held in Seattle’s Safeco Field baseball stadium last month.

But Sanders missed two days of campaigning in New York when he made a whirlwind trip to Rome to deliver a short speech at a Vatican conference, leaving in a private jet late Thursday night.

Watch a video documenting the Bernie Sanders Vatican adventure below, including his speech there.

Also on Sunday, the Bernie Sanders campaign released an ad touting the Vermont senator’s roots in New York. Sanders was born in Brooklyn in 1941 but left the city to live in rural Vermont in the 1960s. But the ad presents Sanders as a native son, even appearing to compare him to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a governor of New York who went on to be elected to four terms as president, through the Great Depression and into World War II.

At the Prospect Park rally, before launching into his stump speech which has recently become laced with direct attacks on the Democratic frontrunner, Sanders reminisced about visiting the zoo in Prospect Park as a boy.

“Do they still have the seals and elephants?” he asked the crowd, adding that when he was a youngster, “I never thought I’d be back here speaking to 20,000 people.”

Watch a full replay of the landmark Bernie Sanders rally in Prospect Park on April 17 in the video below.

The Monday Bernie Sanders rally from Hunter’s Point in Long Island City, Queens, New York, will stream live in the following video. The event is scheduled to get underway around 7 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, 4 p.m. Pacific, with the concert by TV On The Radio, followed by Danny Glover and other introductory speeches.

The rally caps an intense few weeks for Sanders, as he pushed to carry what he called the “momentum” from seven wins out of the last eight contests against Clinton in western states into the all-important New York primary, held on Tuesday, April 19. With his wins out west coming exclusively in lightly populated states without many delegates, the apparent hot streak did not net Sanders enough delegates to cut into Clinton’s lead, which now stands at 206, in any significant way.

Trailing by 14.1 points according to the polling average compiled by the election-projecting site, Sanders now needs to cross his fingers and hope either that every one of the 12 polls taken in New York during April turns out to be wrong — or that he can pull a last-minute miracle out of somewhere.

TV on the Radio Bernie Sanders Hunters Point Rally Stream Live
TV on the Radio will perform at the Bernie Sanders Hunter’s Point rally Monday (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

Of those 12 polls, only one showed Sanders any closer to Clinton than 10 percentage points — and that lone poll, by Gravis Marketing, was taken between April 5 and April 6 but for some reason not made public until April 17.


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After the Monday New York rally, Bernie Sanders takes his “Future To Believe In” rally tour to Pennsylvania, where he will hold a rally on the campus of Penn State University Tuesday afternoon, just before results from the New York Primary come in.

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