‘Scream Queens’ Star Emma Roberts Reveals More Than Her Tan Lines At Two-Day Pool Party

Scream Queens fans were happy to learn that Emma Roberts would be returning for Season 2 of the Ryan Murphy comedy-horror series, but many of Roberts’ more ardent followers aren’t satisfied to wait for the season premiere of Scream Queens. Fortunately, Emma was feeling particularly giving, as she attended a two-day pool party, commonly known as The Retreat, as a part of the Coachella music festival in California.

Scream Queens Star Emma Roberts Stuns At The 2016 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival

Everyone is saying that The Retreat is the coolest party in town, so it only makes sense that the woman to make Scream Queens‘ Chanel Oberlin such a sudden icon should be attending. Emma brought back visions of another Roberts with her vibrant red hair, as she made her appearance at the The Retreat Palm Springs 2016 pool party. On the second day of the event, Emma showed up wearing a dark blue and turquoise Moroccan-style dress, which was the perfect light and breezy gown for a warm day at the pool.

This was Roberts’ second day at the pool party and music festival, which featured musical artists Guns N’ Roses, Halsey, Ice Cube, and Nina Kraviz in its Saturday line-up. Emma spent much of her time with sisters and fellow actresses Aly Michalka and A.J. Michalka during her stay at Coachella.

Emma Roberts Takes Time From The Party For A Revealing Talk

Ms. Roberts may have been at Coachella to have a good time, but the Scream Queens actress revealed she was willing to participate in an interview, when WWD caught up with her at the event. For her first day at Coachella, Roberts was a busy bee, snapping pictures for the event’s organizers, but while she enjoyed the experience, Roberts revealed that her second day was all for her. The Scream Queens star declared it a “no phone” day.

Emma revealed that she was in the good company of some of her closest friends at Coachella. While she had a great time meeting up with fellow actors at the event, Roberts says she came with her stylists, who have become her closest friends. Roberts met Kara and Brit Smith when she modeled for their Elkin brand, and the three women have been inseparable ever since, says the Scream Queens star.

Ms. Roberts reveals that Coachella is just one stop for the trio on a journey that will mix both business and pleasure.

“So much laughter, and a lot of sunglasses and shoes,” Emma says in describing her Coachella experience with the Smith sisters. “We brought 35 pairs of sunglasses to Coachella. It’s so nice to travel with someone who you feel so comfortable with. We are going to New York together on Tuesday for an event and then to New Orleans for fun.”

Speaking of fashion, Emma says she dressed to rebel against the all too common looks that emphasize fringe and other accessories, so she chose a minimalist outfit, going for a ethereal-baby-doll look.

As for the concerts, Roberts cites the Friday night headliners, LCD Soundsystem, as the most memorable and most mind-blowing performance of any that she has seen at this year’s festival.

Finally, the interview touched on what Ms. Roberts has been up to professionally since Scream Queens ended its first season.

“I just finished a movie called Billionaire Boys Club. We got to do amazing eighties fashion. Kind of like Debbie Harry, not so much shoulder pads,” Roberts says, still emphasizing her own unique love of fashion. “My character is rock ‘n’ roll-inspired, which I loved, and my hair and makeup direction was Debbie Harry. Right now I’m just hanging out and then I go back to Scream Queens in July.”

[Image by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for The Zoe Report]