DIY Lash Lifts: Eyelash Keratin Treatments Straighten Lashes For Up To 12 Weeks [Video]

Eyelash lifts are being called the “lash lifts” of 2016 that have replaced the eyelash perms of older days. As reported by the Daily Mail, although lash lifts have been around at least since 2011, they are become more popular these days due to social media sharing.

A lash lift procedure replaces the eyelash perms of older days, which featured perm rods that were used in a way similar to how perm rods were used on the hair. That procedure, however, would cause eyelashes to appear shorter. Lash lifts of modern times use silicone pads to lift the lashes, and by sticking the eyelashes to the silicone pads for approximately 40 minutes, the eyelashes are lifted and enhanced.

The lash lifts set the eyelashes to larger curls to make the lashes stand out, and they can be tinted as well to enhance the lashes. The person getting their lash lifts must keep their eyes closed the entire time their lashes are being lifted. They also are instructed to go without makeup for about one day following their lash lift treatment. The effects of the lash lift treatment, which users report giving them a more wide-eyed look, are well worth going without makeup for 24 hours.

As reported by Madame Noire, Karrueche Tran showed off her lash lift treatment results on Instagram, which is said to help those who don’t want to fool around trying to use eyelash curlers and mascara to try and enhance their lashes. Tran called the lash lift process a natural way to improve eyelashes.

“I recently did this thing called Keratin Eyelash Lift, which is a natural way to curl your lashes. It’s super cool, because right now eyelash extensions are really big, but I heard that they’re bad for your eyes and they pull your lashes out. And sometimes I feel like they look unnatural. So I went with Hrush Achemyan, one of my favorite makeup artists, to go get these eyelash lifts, and ever since, I’ve been loving it. And that kind of motivated me to keep my face more natural.”

Eyelash lifts are also being touted as an option that doesn’t possibly contain the issues that eyelash fibers and eyelash extensions can have. Eyelash fibers have been criticized for falling into the wearers eyes. Eyelash extensions have represented a service that has been cancelled at plenty of day spas and beauty salons around the world due to reports of infections and the like. One horrid report emerged of an eyelash extension falling into a woman’s eye that she didn’t immediately retrieve that ended up having her cornea grow around the extension. As such, the woman’s eye had to be cut in order for the eyelash extension to be retrieved.

As happens with most popular beauty trends, lash lifts can be seen in DIY videos on YouTube, which describe how to use silicone rods and lash glue to stick the rods to the eyelids and lift the eyelashes onto those rods.

On Amazon, a plethora of eyelash lifting kits can be found — ones that contain perm lotion and other items necessary for users to perform their own lash lifts. There are also glowing customer reviews for some of the lash lift kits, with before-and-after photos that show how folks with straight lashes that pointed downward were able to be curled, lifted, and enhanced by using the lash lift kits.

According to Women’s Health, the eyelash lift services — called a “keratin lash lift” — could cost $150 and lasts for eight to 12 weeks. After 90 minutes or less, the keratin reportedly makes the eyelashes appear fuller and darker, with more curves.

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