Is This The World’s Most Realistic Robot? Chinese Inventor Reveals Jia Jia The Interactive ‘Robot Goddess’

Guests present for the unveiling of the “robot goddess” Jia Jia likely had to do a double-take when the lifelike robot charmed attendees by welcoming them to the event and asking them to stand back when taking selfies so that her face wouldn’t “look fat.” The human-like robot is the creation of Chen Xiaoping from the University of Science and Technology of China.

Jia Jia
Jia Jia the "robot Goddess" interacts with guests at her public unveiling. (Image via Getty Images/ Stringer)

The Daily Mail reports that Chen Xiaoping and his colleagues from the University of Science and Technology of China have unveiled what many are calling the most lifelike robot to date. Jia Jia, as the robot was named, was unveiled on Friday in Hefei, capital of east China’s Anhui Province. The “robot goddess” greeted guests by welcoming them to the event and introducing herself. However, adding a little charm to her greeting, Jia Jia informed participants to stand back when taking photographs so that her face wouldn’t “look fat.”

The robot’s realistic appearance is especially stunning from a short distance away. The robot appears incredibly lifelike as she is programmed to move her lips in unison with her speech while making micro-expressions for added realism. The robot has been programmed to have a more submissive appearance and to call all of her male creators “lords.” When the expo began, creator Chen Xiaoping stood alongside Jia Jia and greeted her. Upon greeting, the robot goddess responded with “Yes my lord, what can I do for you?”

During the presentation, Xiaoping had the robot perform a series of tasks such as waving her hand and answering questions. Guests were then given the opportunity to take selfies with the robot and photographs. The researchers say that it took three years to complete the robot project and that she has been programmed to interact with humans and perform tasks that have been outlined in cloud-based tech.

“The humanoid is programmed to recognize human/machine interaction, has autonomous position, navigation and offers services based on cloud technology.”

According to Engadget, Jia Jia is programmed for basic interactions but also has sensors to determine where humans are located in relation to her presence. She would politely inform guests when they were standing at an angle that would make a photograph of her unflattering and directed them to move positions. The team says that, though Jia Jia is realistic and has the ability to casually glance around the room and to move her lips appropriately while speaking, they have been unable to make her laugh or cry. Along with laughter, the team hopes to give the robot goddess more realistic hand movements when the next version is created.

While many have praised the creation of such a realistic robot, others are asking why all of the robot creations have been female with subservient programs.


Tech Times notes that there are actually no new technological breakthroughs when it comes to Jia Jia; instead, the difference is in how the robot was programmed to be more submissive to her owner, as well as her realistic appearance.

“Technologically, Jiajia doesn’t introduce any new breakthroughs when it comes to robotics. The developers instead focused on making the robot act submissively to her owner. She’s even programmed to talk to humans using words that are sexist in tone.”

What do you think about the realistic looking robot prototype?

[Image via Getty Images/ VCG / Stringer]