John-David Duggar Talks Courting, Has He Found Someone Yet? [Video]

John-David Duggar is the second-oldest son in the large Duggar family. On top of that, he is also a twin. Both John-David and Jana Duggar are unmarried, making them the oldest Duggar siblings not to have found someone special. They have both been focusing on family for the last several months, especially with the scandals the Duggars have endured. John-David stepped up and became the male mentor under his father once Josh was off to rehab. Despite having some serious issues, it looks like things are finally looking up for the entire family.

Fans of 19 Kids and Counting have been waiting for John-David Duggar to announce a courtship. The family is very specific for how they decide to “date” someone. Generally, Jim Bob will introduce his kids to someone he finds suitable, and things go from there. So far, Josh is the only Duggar son married. Both Jessa and Jill have been married off and have families of their own now. According to the Stir, John-David Duggar is ready to settle down and begin a family with someone. As of now, he is currently available. He has not found someone to court, so the process has not yet started. He is particular with what he is looking for in a partner. John-David has admitted he is ready for “the one” to come and believes it will happen in God’s time.

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The recent events that have happened have caused John-David Duggar to step things up. While he has always been a big part of the family, he stepped in to help mentor the younger brothers. After what happened with Josh, they needed someone more dependable to look up to. Jana Duggar has been the domesticated sister, often dubbed “Cinderella.” John-David has not had too much adversity thrown at him about a marriage. Instead of going after him, they attack his twin sister, Jana. There has been a very real sexist issue when it comes to the twins, especially among fans. While John-David has admitted he is interested in courting and waiting to find someone, Jana doesn’t seem to be in a rush.

There have been some very candid comments made by John-David Duggar regarding all the family has endured over the last several months. When things about Josh were revealed, John-David stepped up. Despite not agreeing with his brother’s choices, he voiced his support. In fact, once Josh was released from rehab and moved back to Arkansas, John-David publicly announced that the family was attacked, but God prevailed. They rely heavily on their belief in God in every single aspect of life. Many criticize the Duggar family for being extreme, but they seem to find comfort in the way they do things. John-David isn’t ashamed to say what he thinks, and that is rare in today’s society.

While the Duggar family does have a new show, John-David is not featured much. Jill and Jessa: Counting On follows the girls for the most part, aside from the minimal conversations and interactions with the male Duggars. John-David did appear in the treehouse episode, and he clashed with Jana over the plans for building it.

While there may not be a courtship now, one will be coming. John-David is eager to become a father, especially after being an uncle for so long. The Duggar family has been taught that having a family is important, especially the women. Fans are hoping the timing is right soon for John-David and his sister Jana. While marriage doesn’t define them, they are both clearly ready to branch out on their own. John-David may be the next Duggar to walk down the aisle if he has his way.

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