Coachella Queen Vanessa Hudgens Spends $190 For Manicure

Vanessa Hudgens has been hailed as the “Queen of Coachella” for years by fans. So the actress went all out for this year’s music festival by splurging on her manicure.

Vanessa Hudgens posted a photo on Instagram that shows off her new manicure in time for the 2016 Coachella music festival. According to People, the embellished brown matte manicure cost $190 and took three hours to complete.

“Vanessa came in at 7:30 and left about 10:15. She was in love with it. She couldn’t stop looking at it. She was super excited.”

The extremely happy Grease: Live star took to Instagram to show off her new manicure ahead of the festivities.

“Did someone say Coachella?” the former child star captioned her Instagram post.

The 27-year-old actress got her nails done at Laqué Nail Bar where she sat for three hours to get the OPI gel color Ice-Bergers and Fries with a Laqué brand matte top coat. Also featured on her manicure are bejeweled pot leaves, flowers, and Swarovski crystal decorations. The crystals alone cost $15 each and add to the already outrageous bill.

“She was in love with it. She couldn’t stop looking at it. She was super excited,” Marina Torosian, the owner of the shop told the media outlet.

“When she originally called and booked the appointment, she had a vision of what she wanted. She didn’t bring in a photo, but she was looking at some of our photos and she picked some detailing and stones from our lookbooks.”

As for why Hudgens’ manicure cost so much, the manicure included the fill, the gel polish, the glitzy nail art, and reshaping, according to Torosian. Apparently the nails will only last two weeks, but it’s still not enough to drop nearly $200 on them.

The Coachella queen also went all out with her hairstyle. Vanessa accepted the heat and humidity with open arms as she mixed it up with braids, curls, and feathers in the desert grounds. Vanessa made an appearance at the Forever 21 Celebrates #F21XMUSIC on Saturday, April 16 in La Quinta, California.

The brunette beauty stepped out in a mint green crochet halter and white overalls. Hudgens completed her festival look with a pot leaf embroidered chambray denim shirt tied around her waist. Hudgens also wore several layers of necklaces and bracelets and brown suede ankle boots.

But when it came to her hair, she wore it in a half-up hairstyle. She accessorized her curly hair with tiny braids and colorful feathers. Vanessa just unveiled her Coachella hair earlier this month, claims Teen Vogue. Her curly voluminous hair isn’t all her own, though. Some extensions were involved with the process.

She took to Instagram to unveil her long curly hair extensions. In the post, Hudgens credited Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee at Nine Zero One Salon. She hiked over to New York City to get her hair done for Indio, California.

Vanessa posted a photo of herself along with lion emojis on the caption. She revealed to her fans that she couldn’t help herself when it came to getting to the extensions. In the post, Vanessa is photographed wearing a black belted jumpsuit with jewelry and red lips.

“Annnnnd I can’t help myself. When the weather heats up, my hair gets long. Thanks to @ninezeroone @riawnacapri and @nikkilee901. I can be a lioness,” Hudgens wrote.

She followed up with another Instagram post of her wearing a flowy red tube top with a black maxi skirt.

Vanessa Hudgens was photographed pairing her black jumpsuit with a tribal print overnight bag on April 2. Sources gave Us Weekly the scoop on the starlet’s carefree look.

“She wanted to wear her hair long and free. So we decided to embrace her natural curl and add in naturally curly extensions. She was so excited to say ‘I woke up like this.’ This is a perfect wash and wear look and a great way to keep your hair healthy!”

Vanessa has since attended Coachella for the past four times in the past five years. The first weekend is almost over and she’s not ready to go home. She took to Instagram to post a pouty selfie along with the caption: “Last day of #Coachella for me all sad. It always goes by too fast. Hope everyone’s had the best time!!” What are your thoughts on Vanessa’s Coachella looks?

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]