Beyonce HBO ‘Lemonade’ Project Leaves Many Questions Unanswered – Especially About HBO’s Schedule

Beyonce has left her worldwide group of fans and critics puzzled and anxious, yet somehow excited, about “Lemonade.”

No, it is apparently not the actual drink lemonade, even though the possibility of a Beyonce-endorsed beverage would more than likely provoke the same type of reaction from her loyal “Beyhive” of fans.

However, this Lemonade is a lot more mysterious than a refreshing beverage in a glass that is craved on a hot summer day. Beyonce’s “Lemonade” is apparently a mysterious project that she has developed with HBO, which is currently scheduled to make its big debut on Saturday, April 23.

What exactly is “Lemonade?” What type of surprise do Beyonce and HBO have prepared to potentially shock the world on Saturday night? At this point, there is nothing confirmed besides the title, date, time and network.

Beyonce’s 20-second teaser has been spreading online like a wildfire since it made its debut Saturday.

The clip just features a woman — who is likely Beyonce “Queen Bey” Knowles herself – leaned over slightly with her face hidden from the camera. Her long, golden braids and fur coat get the most camera time throughout the teaser as her head seems to slowly raise. However, before you could see anything of any real value or substance in the clip, it’s over.

According to the words that flash on the screen like brief credits, “Lemonade” is a “world premiere event” that will air “next Saturday” at 9 Eastern Time/6 Pacific.

In less than a day, the 20-second clip has already generated over 1.69 million views on Beyonce’s official YouTube channel — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when you consider all of the views that have been generated on social media and other media outlets.

It has also made a lot of waves on social media, turning into a viral hashtag that still leaves a vast number of people confused.

On Sunday, HBO announced on Twitter that there will be another sneak preview of the Beyonce “Lemonade” project airing on the network at 8:56 PM that night.

Perhaps that will provide a little more details or at least additional clues about what fans and critics should prepare for and expect from the Beyonce “Lemonade” project when it makes its debut on Saturday night.

It is also important to keep in mind that HBO already has a packed programming schedule Saturday night. According to the online schedule, Jurassic World is currently scheduled to play as the Saturday night movie starting at 8 PM Eastern Time. Pitch Perfect 2 is scheduled to air at 9 PM on HBO2.

If Lemonade is a brand new music video or song release, many people may have assumed that HBO plans to air it before Pitch Perfect 2 comes on. However, HBO may have squashed that confusion with a single tweet. The apparent scheduling conflict between Beyonce’s project and Jurassic World has been resolved. According to the tweet, Jurassic World has been bumped back to 7 PM so that it can be followed by the debut of “Lemonade” at 9 PM on the network’s primary channel.

Like Beyonce did with her surprise self-titled album back in December of 2013, Beyonce could be using this “world premiere event” on HBO to officially release another surprise album. Her fans and critics will apparently have to wait and search for whatever clues she decides to release between now and the big reveal on Saturday night.

[Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]