‘Orphan Black’ Stars On Where Felix Dawkins And Beth Childs Fit In

Orphan Black started out its fourth season in an unusual way, taking fans back in time to learn more about the life of Beth Childs and to introduce a new clone who will undoubtedly have a greater impact on the future of Sarah’s investigation, as the season progresses. Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany opened up after that series premiere to give more insight into the story arcs planned for the upcoming season, while another Orphan Black star, Jordan Gavaris, reveals that his character, the endearing Felix Dawkins, faces a crisis of his own.

Tatiana Maslany On Her Latest Clone And Her Oldest Clone

Beth Childs may be the biggest Orphan Black mystery of the entire series, especially so since the only time viewers saw the real Beth was as she jumped to her death in the first episode. Since that premiere, series producers have talked about doing a Beth Childs episode and how that could be best be done, so it was with great excitement that the idea of throwing in an episode-long flashback for the season premiere came into being. The Orphan Black producers added they loved the idea of throwing viewers off by confusing audiences and forcing them to determine for themselves what time period and which clone they were following for that episode.

For Tatiana Maslany, the Orphan Black premiere was as unsettling for her as it was for fans. Maslany says she was actually as unfamiliar with Beth Childs as fans were, because she only knows the character in the capacity of Sarah Manning impersonating her. The Orphan Black actress adds that getting to know the real Beth was fun for her and hopes it gave fans a deeper insight into the Orphan Black saga.

Maslany says her role in that particular Orphan Black episode gave her a deeper understanding of Beth, because the episode allowed her to focus on playing just that one clone, for the most part. In that way, Tatiana says she came to see that Childs isn’t as strong as she might have previously seemed.

“She’s hiding so much so it’s almost like she wants somebody to draw her out, she wants somebody to do that and hold her accountable. She can’t really admit to Art what’s going on in her life; she can’t admit to anybody the full extent of what’s happening. When you’re in pain, to have somebody who just goes like, ‘Shut up, I’m taking care of you now,’ I think that’s kind of what she wants.”

Finally, Maslany adds that this season of Orphan Black isn’t as much about Sarah Manning as past seasons have been. Instead, Tatiana says the theme for Season 4 of Orphan Black is about discovering new things and about the origins of these mysteries with which the Clone Club is grappling.

Orphan Black Star Jordan Gavaris On Felix Finding Himself

Jordan Gavaris plays Sarah’s wild but caring foster brother, Felix Dawkins, on Orphan Black and he seems as excited for the new installment as Ms. Maslany. Gavaris says the throwback to the beginning of the Orphan Black story works really well, because there was much more mystery. It was a time before Clone Club discovered the existence of Dyad and, along with that, the faces of their villains. Before the corporate espionage story arc, Jordan says the show was more thrilling, because there was no identity, only suspicions and paranoia.

Gavaris talks about his character in the sense that he’s again alone in the world. In the beginning, Felix and Sarah connected because they were each orphans, but at least they had one another. Now, as Sarah makes connections with her fellow clones and with Mrs. S, Felix feels somewhat abandoned and alienated, once more.

“I think he’s just grappling with where he fits in, where his place is in the family, and I think it might mean he gets to explore new relationships. I can’t necessarily say with whom,” says the Orphan Black actor.

Orphan Black‘s Gavaris couldn’t be convinced to reveal more about those new relationships, but he does add that the change in Felix’s relationship with Sarah has led to some of his most compelling Orphan Black scenes.

“I think that the worst thing as an actor is to fall into a monotony with characters,” says Jordan. “It’s always thrilling when you get to stretch those relationships and find new space for them. Just keep exploring different dynamics with the same people.”

The next episode of Orphan Black airs on Thursday, April 21 on BBC America.

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