University Administrator Arrested For Watching Live Stream Of A Young Boy Being Sexually Abused

A New York man, Scott Lane, 34, who works as an administrator at Pace University, was arrested Tuesday after it was discovered that he had watched a horrific live recording of a young boy who was being sexually abused, reported NY Daily News.

On July 22 of last year, Lane – who went by the moniker NYC Perv – and several others reportedly joined a live stream that showed an individual sexually abusing a child.

However, unbeknownst to the university administrator, the Canadian child abuse investigators were also online, capturing his entire conversation via screen capture and “tracking what software people were using to watch the feed.”

Court documents indicated that Lane sent comments to the abuser, instructing the person to “f*** him” and to show more of the child’s face. He also added, “Let us hear the audio. Make out with him. Get him naked.” When the “abuser recognized his requests,” the Pace University administrator allegedly left more comments, such as “nice” and “hot, man.”

When the live streaming of the child being sexually abused came to an end, Lane appeared to be disappointed as he allegedly typed: “no f*****g?”

However, Canadian authorities were soon able to uncover Lane’s information, and it was immediately turned over to the U.S authorities, who were able to track down his IP address, as well as his home address.

The university administrator was later arrested at his apartment home on W. 56th St. in Midtown Manhattan. Police officials discovered Lane’s laptop under his bed, and although he had a roommate, the Daily Mail reported that “he was the only one that uses the computer.”

It was also reported that Lane later admitted to using a software that allowed him to watch the live stream of a young boy being sexually abused, but claims he did not join. Lane went on to say that he saw something “that made me uncomfortable.”

Despite his claim, Lane was arrested and charged with “possession of child pornography and sexual exploitation of children.”

When Pace University learned that one of their administrators had been arrested on child pornography charges, they released a statement, which stated as follows: “The University learned today from press reports that Scott Lane, a staff member in donor relations and fundraising, has been arrested on charges of child pornography.”

“Lane has been terminated, permanently barred from University property and facilities, and is no longer employed by the University.”

The university administrator was also dubbed the “Donkey of the Day” by Charlemagne Da God, who is a television and radio personality at The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy and Angela Yee, after learning that Lane was arrested for allegedly watching a horrific live stream of a child being sexually abused.

Charlemagne Da God stated that he wishes “The Punisher was real so he could go right to H**l’s Kitchen and shoot Scott Lane’s penis off. I truly believe that you are a pervert, who preys on young kids. You should get your penis removed. No questions asked.”

“You are incapable of making proper decisions with that penis, so it has to go.”

The university administrator’s alleged act stunned several social media users who stated, “Call in and tell the abusers what to do? What the f*** is the world coming to? There is no rehabilitation for these kinds of savages. They need to be shot on sight.”

“Please take these matters into your own hands because cops can arrest them, but courts won’t punish.”

Another social media user added, “Watching child porn is just low and unforgivable. Sick people like this don’t deserve freedom. Lock them up for life in prison and make them share a room with Fleece Johnson.”

Scott Lane is currently being held at the county jail without bond, and he is “expected to be transferred to Pennsylvania where the investigation is centered.”

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