Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kanye West Angry After ‘KUWTK’ Star Skips Coachella Performance To Attend Will Smith’s Funeral In New Orleans?

Kim Kardashian divorce rumors have been circulating for several months now, and it looks like they won’t be going away anytime soon. After Kanye West showed up to perform a surprise show at Coachella over the weekend, his reality star wife was nowhere to be seen. Rather than head to her husband’s concert, it looks like Kim flew to New Orleans solo to attend the funeral for former New Orleans Saints player Will Smith.

Kim and Kanye are coming up on their two-year wedding anniversary, and things between them couldn’t be more strained according to a recent report in Radar Online. It’s so bad that Kanye West performed a surprise concert at Coachella and Kim didn’t even bother to show up and support him.

Instead, reports claim that Kim Kardashian ditched her husband’s concert to pay her respects at the funeral for Will Smith. The New Orleans Saints player was murdered while driving through the Garden District in the city that he loved, shocking many friends and fans of the former NFL star.

While it may not be a big deal for Kim and Kanye to separate when their schedules conflict, her attendance at this funeral alone with him is a huge sign that there is trouble in paradise. Kim knew Will Smith through his former teammate, Reggie Bush. With reports that Reggie is the one that got away and that Kim never really got over him, is it wise for Kanye to just let her go alone, or was he even given a choice?

Maybe that’s why Kanye West’s Coachella set didn’t go so well. Kanye took the stage as a surprise at the end of the A$AP Rocky set. The surprise performance was a total bust though because Kanye’s microphone never worked according to TMZ, and all that could be heard during the song was A$AP Rocky and the backup music. It didn’t take long before A$AP lost his cool and ended the set. Kanye never even got a chance to rap.

The whole Coachella setup didn’t seem very planned out, leading some fans to believe that Kanye West decided to perform at the last minute. Was he avoiding the New Orleans trip with Kim Kardashian, or was he never invited? Kanye couldn’t possibly be comfortable with Kim making the trip to Smith’s funeral knowing she’d be there alone with Reggie Bush. There’s also the possibility that Kanye didn’t want to be anywhere near Kim’s former flame and let her go to the funeral alone rather than run into Reggie.

Kim Kardashian divorce rumors have only grown stronger since the Coachella mishap and Kim’s absence was definitely noted. Kim and Kanye haven’t been photographed out together in public in months and their social media accounts are even worse. It has been nearly nine months since Kanye posted a picture of himself and Kim.

Kardashian is much more active on Instagram and posts pictures of herself with other people often. She hasn’t posted any recent pictures of herself with Kanye West, though. She did post a picture of Kanye and North on Sunday. Kim was quickly criticized for the social media share though because she called Kanye an “annoying dad” in the caption. There doesn’t seem to be much love between them anymore.

Is it possible that Kanye West didn’t want to go to Will Smith’s funeral to avoid a run-in with Reggie Bush? And is Kim Kardashian hanging out with her former flame in New Orleans while she’s there? Kanye’s Coachella set didn’t go too well and there’s word that he is upset about Kim’s no-show. Does this mean that the Kanye West-Kim Kardashian divorce really is weeks away?

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]