WWE News: WWE Superstar Nikki Bella Hoping To Return To Action This Summer

WWE Superstar Nikki Bella has been out with a severe neck injury since dropping the WWE Divas Title to Charlotte late last year. She became the longest reigning Divas Champion in the history of WWE. However, WWE now has a new Women’s Championship that Bella will surely want to win before she calls it a career. The problem for Nikki is that she very well may not be able to make that decision. Her career is in a flux as of now, and it does not seem to be going well.

Doctors told her that she’ll never be able to return to the ring full time. Now, that does not mean her career is totally over, as she could come around for a part-time role here and there. That has worked for several WWE Superstars in the past, so if she wants to work then she’ll get that chance. She simply cannot perform on a full-time basis and take bumps all year anymore. In fact, Nikki wants to make her WWE comeback soon.

During a Facebook live chat, she addressed the idea of returning this summer by saying the following.

“So as of now I’m hoping to make my comeback in the summer. In June or July is when I get my final CAT scan on my neck. As long as my bone is fused in my neck, that means I could probably come back and wrestle and I cannot wait. So fingers crossed for me, June or July.”

Rack Attack [Image via WWE]In saying this, Nikki Bella surely knows her career is up in the air. It truly all depends on how her CAT scan goes. If things have healed up the way they need to, she’s good to go and can wrestle. However, the part-time schedule is still where she’ll be headed. There is no way she can work full time after this, as her career would be cut quickly. The idea is that she could work a few matches and give her body some rest, then work again. The process would continue like that until she has to retire.

People like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Edge had neck injuries that ultimately cut their careers short. Austin also had knee issues on top of the neck issues. She will also have to change things up in the ring and how she works.

A report out of Pro Wrestling Sheet claims that her finisher “the rack attack” is really what ended up causing a lot of her problems. The move has Nikki put a girl on her shoulders in a torture rack hold. Normally, the torture rack hold is applied as a submission on the back where the applier will pull down on the legs and neck to cause pain in the back, but Nikki Bella drops down to her knees while holding the opponent instead of pulling for the submission.

Team Bella [Image via WWE]This sends a sort of shockwave up the back with her neck and shoulders basically applying the G-Force pressure to cause the opponent’s back to go through pain due to the force.

It is not a fancy move. Ultimately, the way Nikki Bella does it does not hurt the opponent all that much for real, but the fact that it looks bad makes it a good finisher. However, when performing this move so often it can start to cause problems. It obviously has for Nikki, which is why this move may never be performed by her again.

She does have a sweet forearm shot that she can hit people with. This won’t do much harm to Bella at all, so it most likely will finish matches for her if/when she returns to the WWE. Right now, however, it is a waiting game for Nikki Bella due to the fact that she has no idea what the CAT scan will show. If things are not good, we may never see her perform in a match for the WWE ever again. If things go well, a summer return is certainly going to occur.

[Image via WWE]