Etsy Bans The Sale Of Human Remains, Smokeable Products

Hoping to buy some human body parts on Etsy? Unfortunately, you’re out of luck. In an effort to protect itself from the people who sell such questionable content on the popular e-commerce site, the company will not longer allow the sale of human remains and body parts. Those looking for a new pinkie toe will now have to look elsewhere.

According to MSN, Etsy recently updated its list of prohibited items, which include the items mentioned above. In addition to objects which were originally part of a human being, the website now prohibits the sale of such hot-ticket listings as smokeable products, hazardous materials, and motor vehicles.

If you’re unclear what, precisely, constitutes a smokeable product, Etsy describes such items as “herbal smoking blends, tobacco-alternatives, and other products that one might commonly smoke in a pipe or cigarette form.” For those who need clarification as to what constitutes human remains, the website describes these items as “skulls, bones, articulated skeletons, bodily fluids, preserved tissues or organs, and other similar products.”

Incense fans need not worry, as anything this is “burned to release a scent into the air in a room” is still up for grabs. Additionally, collectors of human hair and human teeth will still be able to procure these items from the website as well. Good to know.

Although Etsy does its best to make sure the people who use the site aren’t peddling any questionable items, a lot of the responsibility is up to the individual seller. In the recent blog post, the company explained:

“As a general reminder, every Etsy seller is responsible for following the laws that apply to you, your shop and your items, including any applicable shipping restrictions. Even beyond the standards of Etsy’s policies, all Etsy members are responsible for making important moral or ethical decisions regarding what they buy and sell on Etsy.”

Should you encounter something that you feel is against the rules, click “Report this to Etsy” and their crack team of investigators will give the product a look.

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