Coachella 2016: Kesha Joins Zedd Onstage In First Public Appearance Since Controversial Court Verdict

Kesha made her return to the stage at Coachella 2016, joining EDM artist Zedd at the popular music festival, Entertainment Weekly reported. This was the first time that the embattled singer had made an onstage appearance since a controversial court verdict in February declared that she was unable to leave her contract with Sony.

Kesha performed near the end of Zedd’s set and sang “True Colors,” from his album that carries the same name. Entertainment Weekly reports that the singer did not say anything to the crowd but the lyrics that she sang seemed very appropriate to her situation.

“It’s time to light the flame, right before it rains. I’m not afraid, I’m not,” Kesha sang. “No, no, no, no, I won’t apologize for the fire in my eyes. Let me show you my, my true colors, it ain’t no rainbow.”

Looking very much like the superstar pop singer her fans have come to know and love, Kesha wore pink and blue hair, an all black outfit and a black, wide-brimmed hat. Earlier in the day, the 29-year-old singer shared a photo on Instagram with her fans before her Coachella 2016 performance. “Tonight has magic to it,” she wrote in the caption.

Multiple news outlets, including the Inquisitr, reported last week that Kesha would perform at Coachella 2016.

Rolling Stone Magazine also reported that Zedd teased the surprise Kesha appearance on Saturday, saying that he had “something big planned” for his Coachella set.

Her appearance at the music festival is significant because the singer has been in a litigation process against her former record producer, Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald.

Kesha has accused Dr. Luke of mentally, physically, and sexually abusing her repeatedly during their lengthy professional relationship. Dr. Luke has said that the allegations are false and that he has never harmed the singer.

Kesha has been in court trying to get released from Gottwald’s Kemosabe records, which is a Sony Music imprint. As Us Weekly reports, in February a court ruled that Kesha would not be released from her Sony contract. Fans and celebrities have since rushed to her defense. Taylor Swift even donated $250,000 to Kesha after the verdict was handed down.

In response, Dr. Luke’s attorneys put out a statement, published in Us Weekly, where they denied that Kesha is forced to have a professional relationship with Dr. Luke if she wants to put out any new music.

“The New York County Supreme Court on Friday found that Kesha is already ‘free’ to record and release music without working with Dr. Luke as a producer if she doesn’t want to. Any claim that she isn’t ‘free’ is a myth.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Zedd reached out to Kesha via Twitter soon after the controversial court decision.

“@KeshaRose very very sorry to hear about the whole situation,” Zedd wrote. “I’ll be happy to produce a song for you if you want my help.”

According to Yahoo News, this year’s Coachella Music Festival is being dubbed “Cameochella” because of all of the surprise appearances that have happened so far.

Even Bernie Sanders made an appearance, albeit via video. The senator from Vermont introduced rap duo Run the Jewels before their set on Saturday night.

Coachella also delivered a mini-reunion of NWA. Ice Cube brought out key group members MC Ren and DJ Yella and delivered “a little history lesson on Ice Cube, N.W.A, Westside Connection, everything I’ve been doing over the years.”

Ren and Yella performed “Straight Outta Compton” and “F— Tha Police” to the rapturous reception of the assembled crowd.

Then, Cube’s former rival, rapper Common, joined him onstage to perform “Real People,” off of the Barbershop 3 movie soundtrack. “A long time ago, we used to have a beef, but we got over that s—, like real men do, and now we have nothing but love,” Cube said.

To cap it off, Snoop Dogg came to the stage on a sparkly tricycle and performed “The Next Episode” and “Go to Church” before the entire group onstage performed “Today Was A Good Day.”

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images]