Donald Trump Slams Former ‘Apprentice’ Contenstants, Trump Fans Make Death Threats

Donald Trump just keeps speaking out on a variety of controversial subjects and doesn’t seem to care who he impacts with his cutting words. The latest victims from Trump’s rants are previous contestants who were on the reality show for which he acted as the tough host, The Apprentice. The Donald accused six former contestants of the show as being “failing wannabes,” without hesitation.

The slam was in response to those precise six contestants getting together to protest against their former boss. The group was led by Randall Pinkett, winner of the NCB show during the show’s second season. The protest involved the former contestants accusing Donald of “sexism, xenophobia, racism, violence, and hate.”

The conference came in advance of the New York’s April 19 primary that indicates Trump is likely set to win the Republican vote by a wide margin.

The presidential hopeful continued his verbal assault by focusing on Pinkett, stating that the show’s victor “did a terrible job” when he worked for the Trump organization. Variety shares more details about the said news conference that the six contestants were present at.

“The other participants in the Manhattan news press conference were Kevin Allen, Tara Dowdell, Marshawn Evans Daniels, James Sun and season one runner-up Kwame Jackson. Dowdell warned that Trump’s rhetoric has the effect of ‘validating hate and bigotry in a way that has the potential to tear this country apart.’ “

Additionally, Donald accused the entire group of seeking their 15 minutes of fame for work that was not on par. The publication notes Trump’s criticism.

However, some contestants of the long-running hit reality show that pitted business-driven individuals against one another actually show support for Trump. Variety shares as to who these specific contestants are who are in favor of the real estate tycoon.

“Other ‘Apprentice’ contestants have voiced support for Trump’s campaign, notably season one breakout personality Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth and Andy Litinsky, who went on to run Trump’s TV production company after his appearance in season two.”

Donald’s fan base is clearly strong and growing. In additional news, a nude painting of the presidential candidate has brought the artist behind it death threats from Trump followers, yet has been visited by hundreds more where it is displayed so a sight of the comical depiction can be seen.

The piece is by Illma Gore, and the artist describes the response to the controversial image.

“The reaction, especially in the UK, has been incredibly supportive. Everywhere apart from America has been great. Who knew it would be such a big deal? I think an artist’s job is to take the times we’re living in and then set the scene. It is a representation of where we are.”

The LA-based artist has since received threats of violence by Trump-supporters and has been forced to travel to the UK. The painting has also received bids of over £100,000. The artist has, however, been threatened with legal action if she attempts to sell the painting. The Guardian notes more details about the controversial painting.

“[The painting is] titled Make America Great Again [and] depicts Trump with a small penis. It went viral in February after the artist published it on her Facebook page and has since been censored on social media sites and delisted from eBay after the anonymous filing of a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice threatening to sue Gore.”

Galleries in the U.S. have refused to host the art piece of the Trump painting due to security concerns, yet The Maddox Gallery in London offered to exhibit the painting. Hoards of visitors have lined up to see the work.

[Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images]

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