‘RHOBH’ Star, Erika Girardi Labels Bravo Fans As ‘Immature And Classless’: Was Her Impression Of The Viewers Correct?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie, Erika Girardi, had a few choice words for the Bravo fans after a little Twitter spat. The reality TV star felt under attack after reading on social media that “classy and mature women do not do reality TV shows.” She reacted by slamming Bravo fans and calling them “classless and immature.”

Of course, her comment opened her up for an intense Bravo fan backlash. If there’s one thing you can count on with the fans, it’s that they don’t miss a beat. They picked up on Girardi’s snippy comment and told her there was no fun in watching mature and classy women because there’s no drama. Many of the Bravo fans called Erika out and wondered if she wasn’t jealous of the other RHOBH stars that receive more airtime than her.

It seems as if Erika missed one of the golden rules that the Bravo fans live by; they watch the show, and they comment on everything from things they loved to hated, and pretty much everything in between. And, Girardi knew this before signing up to do the show. You’d think her BFF Yolanda Hadid would have filled her in on how mean and relentless the Bravo fans could be, right?

Another thing, what does Erika know about acting classy? Have you seen Erika Jayne’s show? It wouldn’t be described as a classy event, by any means. Her sexy dance routine doesn’t radiate the words “class” or “sophistication” by any means.

The RHOBH newbie takes her “glam squad” wherever she goes, and their whole purpose is to make her look like a goddess that meets the perfect women, All About the Tea reports. At any rate, being deemed immature and classless by a middle-aged woman who catwalks around a stage and does such dance moves as “Pat the Puss” is something alright. Apparently, we must listen to Girardi because she is the voice of maturity and a real class act [TIC].

Erika’s comments about the Bravo fan base are not the only bad publicity that she’s endured this season. All About Real Housewives claims that her friendship with Yolanda is greatly exaggerated, and they may not be as close as it appears. In other words, allegedly, Bravo brought in Girardi to “protect” Hadid from the other girls as they accused her of faking her illness (the Munchausen’s debate).

“[Yolanda] almost didn’t come back this season. She needed a friend and someone to defend her because she knew her Lyme disease was going to be discussed on camera. Erika doesn’t even know Yolanda like that, plain and simple. Everyone on the show thinks something is up.”

Is it possible that the rumor is correct, and Erika and Yolanda may not know each other as well as they initially claimed? The story was they had known each other for several years, and they admire each other’s strengths and value the real friendship they share. It seems a little too convenient for Hadid to have a hidden BFF tucked away to be her eyes and ears as she battled Lyme disease. Sure, it’s great that they are close, but is the friendship genuine? Time will tell because, in the world of Real Housewives, nothing stays buried forever, and eventually everything (good and bad) comes to light.

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