Explicit Sex Education Book Pulled From Shelves In Elementary School Library, Book Sparks Controversy

A sex education book found in an elementary school library has been removed from its shelves following a heated debate about the appropriateness of the seemingly explicit content used to explain such mature acts to children. According to Opposing Views, the sex ed book, titled It’s Perfectly Normal, sparked outrage among parents with students attending Hudson Park Elementary School in Rainier, Oregon, after it was shown to the students by a librarian without parental consent.

It has been reported that the controversial sex ed book was designed to explain the evolution of the body, sexual intercourse, and sexual health to children ages 10 and up. Although such health topics would eventually become topics of discussion in classrooms as children age, parents argue that the images in the book were far too explicit for 10-year-old students in elementary school. The book reportedly contained nude images to depict the gradual changes males and females experience with age.

Some of the images not only showed naked teens and adults, but also people engaging in sexual acts, and even masturbation, to further explain sexual intercourse and health. The elementary school librarian showed the book to students, some of which were reportedly 9-year-old fourth graders.

According to Fox 12, the students were encouraged to read the book and take it home. But, when most parents learned of the sex ed book and the controversial mature content, they were appalled and decided to voice their concerns with the elementary school and the Rainier School District. In addition to their concerns about the book being shared with such young children, the parents — who have opted to remain anonymous to protect their children — feel they should have had a choice in the matter and that a consent form should have been sent home first.

Shortly after parents complained about the sex ed book, the elementary school addressed the situation. Although the school district has yet to comment about the situation, the school principal claims the book was actually suppose to be designated for sixth graders and up. The district and school both agreed that the sex ed book was inappropriate for the children’s age group. But, this incident is reportedly one big misunderstanding because both the school and district claim the book was accidentally placed in the elementary school library because it was only intended to be for children no younger than sixth grade.

“Inappropriate human development and sexuality books were disseminated to students who had library… Procedures have been put in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

However, the Rainier School District actually defended It’s Perfectly Normal, citing that the book has been approved by the state as a suitable learning tool for students ages 10 and up. According to the Daily Mail, the book comes highly recommended as it was listed as the twelfth top book on the American Library Association’s list for The Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books, 2000-2009. But, of course, parents still were not pleased about their children being allowed to view the book without their consent. Regardless of the appropriateness of the book, parents believe they should have had a choice in the matter as some argue the age of 10 is a bit young to discuss sex.

Would you consent to your child learning about sex at the age of 10? Share your thoughts.

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