Mother Left Baby Inside 100-Degree Car Alone With Coat On To Audition At Strip Club

A 24-year-old mother, Kelsey McMurtry, left her 14-month-old daughter in a sweltering car alone so that she could audition at a strip club in Nashville, Tennessee. The mother took the child with her to Deja Vu Showgirls along with a 19-year-old friend, Summer Taylor. The friend was supposed to watch the baby while McMurtry auditioned at the strip club, but upon arrival, the friend decided she would rather watch the woman’s audition than the child. Therefore, the 14-month old baby was left in the vehicle alone wearing a large coat. The temperature outside was 72 degrees, but inside the vehicle, the temperatures reached over 100 degrees. The baby, still wearing the large coat, was seen by witnesses drenched in sweat and police were called to the scene.

The Daily Mail reports that 24-year-old Kelsey McMurtry has been charged with child neglect along with her 19-year-old friend Summer Taylor after the pair left McMurtry’s 14-month-old baby in a vehicle alone. The mother left the child in the car so that she could audition to be a stripper at the Deja Vu Showgirls club in Nashville, Tennessee.

Police reveal that McMurtry and Taylor drove to the strip club with the baby so that the mother could partake in an audition to become a stripper at the club. Taylor was supposed to watch the child while McMurtry auditioned at the club but decided that she would rather watch her friend’s audition than the child. Therefore, the baby was left alone in the vehicle with the windows rolled up and doors locked. The child was wearing a large coat and was buckled into her seat.

Though it was only 72 degrees outside, the temperatures quickly soared inside the closed vehicle with temperatures quickly reaching 100 degrees inside of the car. With the child clad in a large coat, witnesses at the scene say the little girl began sweating profusely. The police were called to the scene and the two women were arrested for child neglect.

Following the arrest, Summer Taylor claims that she checked on the child numerous times during McMurtry’s strip club audition, but witnesses who called police say that in the 30 minutes that the child was left in the car, they never saw Taylor come outside to check on her. In fact, when police arrived, they report that they had to go into the strip club and ask Kelsey McMurtry to come outside and unlock the vehicle.

According to the New York Daily News, both women were arrested for child neglect and the 14-month-old baby was taken into state custody. Kelsey McMurtry’s bail has been set at $40,000 with Taylor’s bail at $10,000. McMurtry has also been charged with criminal impersonation as police claim that the mother gave them a false name upon initial questioning.

Reports indicate that Kelsey McMurtry works as a bikini and lingerie model and is a ring girl at boxing and MMA events. She was seemingly trying to pick up extra work as a stripper at the Deja Vu Showgirls club when the child endangerment incident took place. Both McMurtry and Taylor are slated to appear in court for their charges on Monday.

Fortunately, the 14-month-old child was seen by witnesses in the parking lot and authorities arrived before it was too late. Sadly, for a 2-year-old girl in Brooklyn who was left home alone while her mother worked at a strip club, the police were not notified in time. In February of this year, a 2-year-old little girl died as a fire swept through a Brooklyn apartment. The 2-year-old was completely alone in the home when the fire started as her mother was away working at a strip club and decided to leave the child alone overnight instead of calling for a babysitter. As a result, the little girl passed away in the fire. Firefighters believed the fire was under control but were later notified of a missing toddler when the mother returned home hours later from work and couldn’t find her. Firefighters would find the little girl unconscious and unresponsive underneath a bed on the second floor of the building as they believe she tried to hide from the fire.

[Image via Metropolitan Nashville Police Department mugshot]

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