Photograph Of Son Reveals Ghost British Soldier: Area Where Ghost Soldier Was Noticed Once Military Ground For British Soldiers

Do you believe in ghosts? One mother may have found out that ghosts really do exist when she captured a photo of her son walking in the woods. When she was home, she noticed the photograph of her son reveals a ghost British soldier. History sure revealed itself, as the area where the ghost soldier was noticed was once military ground for British soldiers, Breaking News IE Reports.

“When I looked closer I couldn’t believe what I saw, it looked like a man – to me it looked like a soldier – standing there beside the tree. None of us saw anything when we were walking past the tree, there was nothing there to see. The kids didn’t notice anything and weren’t afraid or anything. It really freaked me out when I saw it at home on my phone.

The 34-year-old mother, Gerri Moran, was walking with her two boy’s close to the Derry/Donegal border, near the River Foyle when she snapped a picture with her phone, which revealed what she believed to be a ghost soldier. Gerri told Breaking News IE that they didn’t notice anything when they were walking, and she made the comment that the kids were not afraid of anything.

Ken McCormack, a Derry historian, said that he believes the image appears to be a British soldier, possibly an officer. Ken mentioned that the area was once crowded with British military prior to WW1 and thought that the ghost soldier could possibly be famous poet, who often spent a lot of time in that neck of the woods. The poet, Francis Ledwige, was killed in 1917 after a mine blew up near him during a fight in Belgium. The poet was an officer, and his heart was in the countryside near Derry.

“It could very well be him. There would also have been military activity on this border from the 1920s, as this was the old GNR railway line from Derry to Donegal that passed over the border. I do know that there was at least one shooting there in that area in that era and also an American serviceman took his life there after a very tangled love affair.”

There are many instances of people encountering ghost figures in pictures, yet there are still non-believers. Viral Nova shares some pictures similar to Gerri’s that can make just about everyone believe that ghosts really do exist. One is also that of a ghost soldier in Gettysburg, which was a national battlefield during the civil war. The photo was taken during the broad daylight and you can clearly tell the image was not of an actual live person standing there. In fact, the ghost soldier was nearly see-through.

Another startling photo shared by Viral Nova is that of a little ghost girl staring through the door behind a woman and a dog having their picture taken. Also, a picture taken in Manila showed two women having their picture taken. The photograph clearly shows a ghost attached to one of the women’s arms.

Gerri’s picture definitely came as a shock to her and to viewers everywhere. It almost makes you wonder how many old photos YOU may have that show some kind of ghostly appearance in them. What would you do if you realized a ghost was hanging around when you didn’t have the least bit of clue?

See Gerri’s photo of the ghost soldier for yourself. Do you believe in ghosts now? It certainly doesn’t take a double glance to see the completely uniformed British ghost soldier lurking at Gerri’s son.

Ghost Soldier lurking at son
[Photo courtesy of Gerri Moran]
Ghost Soldier close-up lurking at son
[Photo Courtesy of Gerri Moran]
[Photo by Hulton Archive/ Getty Images]

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