Five People Dead At Time Warp Argentina In Buenos Aires — Some Attendees Still Call It A ‘Great Night’

Clubbers in Argentina had an unfortunate end to the the first night of Time Warp Buenos Aires. Five attendees died from a suspected overdose at the massive music festival, reported local news site InfoBae.

Those who died at Time Warp Buenos Aires were between 21 and 25 years of age. In light of the deaths and injuries, the second night of Time Warp Argentina, planned for Saturday, has been canceled.

Local media reports that at least two of the bodies were not found until Costa Salguero — the massive event space where Time Warp Buenos Aires was held — was evacuated.

Alberto Crescenti, head of the System of Emergency Medical Attention (SAME), told Crónica that in addition to the five Time Warp partygoers who passed away, an additional five people are in the hospital — two of whom are in critical condition. Crescenti underlined that it did not appear anyone had died or been injured because of violence and that bad drugs appeared to be the culprit.

“There was no confrontation between them, it could have been drugs. We have to wait for the autopsy. They are in a grave state, all of them are on mechanical respiratory assistance.”

Some of those who went to Time Warp Argentina told local media that the event space seemed crowded and overheated, with some commenting it was “difficult to breathe.” The Buenos Aires festival is holding firm that they did not oversell tickets to the event and that they were within the 13,000-person limit Costa Salguero legally requires.

Still, Time Warp Argentina organizers aren’t quite off the hook yet. City government will be sending their own investigator, Sandro Abraldes, to make the sure that the party planners were not responsible for the tragedy.

The deaths took place as Time Warp Buenos Aires was celebrating its third anniversary in Argentina. Originally hailing from Mannheim, Germany, the festival has become a global brand of electronic music in the 20 years since its first date in 1994.

On social media, citizens of Buenos Aires — known locally as porteños — reacted to the tragedy with a mixture of condemnation, amusement and, in some cases, indifference. Despite the fact that at least ten of their fellow partygoers died, some still thought it was a “great night.”

“What a great night, impeccable”

“Everything was beautiful.”

“At least from the picture, it looks like it was great…other than the kids who died. Electronic music has its pros and cons.”

Others blamed Time Warp for lax regulation and criticized the event itself for creating a culture of hedonism.

“Never again Time Warp in our country. Do you want more dead kids? Clearly in Argentina we’re a bunch of bribers and corrupt people.”

“Look up the Time Warp hashtag, and you’ll understand how 11,000 people can keep dancing when 5 people have collapsed around them.”

Some jumped on the opportunity to make jokes about the deaths at Time Warp Buenos Aires. Some Argentina Twitter users even made memes to take advantage of the situation the day after.

Others jumped to the defense of Time Warp Argentina, saying that those who had died did so because of their own decisions — it wasn’t the fault of the Buenos Aires festival.

“Everyone is conscious of what he consumes. Responsible for his body and his actions. What do the Time Warp organizers have to do with this?”

Outside of Argentina, Time Warp hasn’t been without other issues when bringing its internationally renowned festivals abroad. In November, Brooklynites demanded that it be moved from its Crown Heights location, reported The Guardian.

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