UFO Hunter Announces ‘Discovery’ Of Fossil Fish On Planet Mars — Is This Proof Of Ancient Life On Mars? [Photos]

A UFO hunter claims to have discovered a fossil fish in a photo of Martian terrain snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover exploring the Red Planet’s Gale Crater region since landing on August 6, 2012. Scott C. Waring’s announcement of discovery of a petrified or fossilized fish on Mars is the second in recent weeks.

According to the notorious UFO blogger in a recent post to his weird UFO and alien conspiracy theory blog, UFO Sightings Daily, a Curiosity rover image of rugged Martian terrain shows an indisputable example of an ancient fossil fish.

Fossil-fish on Mars?
Close-up of fossil fish on Mars, according to conspiracy theorists [Image via NASA/JPL]
Waring touts his latest “discovery” on Mars, saying it provides even more glaring evidence of ancient marine life than a previous “discovery” announced last month, and proves that Mars once had oceans and lakes teeming with life.

Waring’s recent spate of discoveries of alleged evidence of ancient marine life on Mars follows NASA’s announcement last year that the agency has found evidence of liquid water flowing on the Red Planet and evidence that Mars once had large bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes and oceans.

Fossil fish on Mars?
Raw, unedited image of Martian terrain showing ‘fossil fish’ on Mars, according to UFO hunters [Image via NASA/JPL]
The UFO hunter argues that evidence that Mars once had rivers, lakes and oceans makes claims by alien hunters that Mars once teemed with marine life reasonable and credible. Waring and fellow alien conspiracy theorists have often voiced bewilderment about widespread skeptical response to their reported sightings of fossil remains of biological life on Mars. But according to the UFO hunter, the latest images from Curiosity rover showing “fossilized fish” on Mars are sufficient to dispel all doubts about life on the Red Planet.

Announcing his first discovery of a fossil fish on Mars on March 25, 2016, Waring wrote, “I guess this petrified fish is proof… Look closely and you will see the tail fin and the fin ridge that starts at the lower back fin and moves all the way to the fish’s stomach.”

Announcing his latest discovery on April 15, Waring writes, “This is the second fish I found in a month. More proof that an ocean or lakes covered the Mars surface.”

Fossil Fish on Mars according to conspiracy theorists
Zoomed-in version of original NASA photo shows ‘fossil fish’ on Mars [Image via NASA/JPL)
He notes that the fossil fish is easy to identify. The photo, according to the UFO hunter, shows a fish with a bony head, spiky spine bones and tail.

“This fossil is mostly intact, and the head and tail are easy to make out. Also the upper and lower fins are very spiky in appearance.”

He also points out that the fossil was lying on the ground just a few meters away from Curiosity at the moment the rover photographed it. In the UFO hunter’s opinion this proves that NASA scientists saw the fossil but chose to ignore it because they don’t want to tell the public about it.

Fossil fish on Mars?
Waring had announced first discovery of ‘fossil fish’ on Mars on March 25, 2016 [Image via NASA/JPL]
“This fossil is just a few meters from the Mars Curiosity Rover,” the conspiracy theorist writes. “NASA had to have seen it, but why didn’t they want to tell the public about it?”

“NASA… why are you ignoring evidence of life on Mars?”

The latest sensational “discovery” has generated discussion among alien hunters, with many agreeing with Waring’s conclusion based on the alleged photographic evidence.

“Excellent find,” an alien hunter declared. “This is pretty clear. If there a fish like this there were smaller and larger fish as well. And plant life.”

Others members of the forum urged Waring to proclaim his discovery “to the world.” Members of the forum agreed that Waring has a duty to reach out to the public about his latest “earthshaking” discovery. But some pointed out that “the public” would likely reject the new evidence because of the influence of pervasive government propaganda that seeks to discredit the “revolutionary discoveries” of alien hunters.


“Why not tell the public? Because that would be admitting there has been some form of actual life on another planet,” an alien hunter said. “We just can’t have that now can we?”

“Can’t wait till you find a whale or a mastodon!”

An alien hunter used the forum to announce another new “earthshaking” discovery of remains of biological life on Mars.

“I found a cast fossil of a shell in a spirit rover pic. Spirit rover, Sol 2177, color pancam L257 the fossil is in the bottom left and looks like the inside of part of a konk shell,” the alien hunter declared.

Others expressed hope that the discovery was merely the prelude to discoveries of even larger marine life forms, such as whales.

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