Blac Chyna A Bridezilla — Her Diva Demands Ahead Of Rob Kardashian Wedding

Blac Chyna is allegedly turning into a total Bridezilla ahead of her upcoming wedding to Rob Kardashian.

Hollywood Life is claiming that Chyna has been making some serious diva demands as she plans her and Rob’s big day and supposedly “wants it all” when the two walk down the aisle.

According to the gossip site, despite only getting engaged earlier this month, Blac has already compiled a lengthy list of everything she’s looking for on her big day, which includes details about her luxury dream dress and her exotic location of choice.

“She wants a dress like Carrie in Sex and the City. She wants the location to be exotic. She wants the finest wine, spirits and cuisine,” a source told Hollywood Life this week of Blac Chyna’s wedding demands, adding that Blac and Rob are currently “hashing out all the details as they go.”

The site’s insider also revealed that Chyna and Kardashian are planning on having a pretty big guest list when they tie the knot, as she allegedly wants to have all of “her family and her entire crew present.”

But while it sounds like Blac is planning on inviting a pretty long list of friends and family, Hollywood Life claimed earlier this week that there’s one pretty famous Kardashian who may not make the guest list when Chyna and Rob tie the knot.

The site alleged earlier this week that Chyna was actually looking to blacklist Kim Kardashian in an attempt to stop her from attending the wedding for fears that Kim would wear something completely “over-the-top” that could upstage her on her big day.

“Blac doesn’t want any surprises at her wedding and she doesn’t want Rob inviting Kim” a source close to the Kardashian family supposedly revealed of the wedding list, revealing that Chyna is “fearful Kim is going to show out and wear something that’s over-the-top so that she’s the center of attention.”

According to the source who spoke out to the site earlier this week, Blac Chyna is fully aware that Kim Kardashian is rarely one to stay away from the spotlight and would prefer to keep her as far away from the ceremony as possible.

“She doesn’t feel Kim has it in her to take a back seat and let another girl have the spotlight,” the source confessed, adding that “Blac will be damned if Kim gets out of line” when she ties the knot with Rob.

“She’d walk down there from the altar and get Rob’s sister together if need be. But that’s too much drama and Blac prefers she just not be invited,” the Kardashian insider claimed.

But it sounds like Blac Chyna’s alleged plans to ban Kim from the big wedding could backfire, as the gossip site also claimed that Rob Kardashian is supposedly looking to mom Kris Jenner to foot the bill for what’s sure to be a pretty extravagant ceremony.

According to a Kardashian source, Blac and Kardashian want Jenner to “finance every inch” of their big day because they’re both worried that tying the knot so soon could leave them seriously out of pocket.

The insider claimed that Rob agreed with Chyna when she suggested that the Kardashian matriarch pays for their big day, revealing that “it’s going to cost a pretty penny and Rob thinks Kris should fork over the cash.”

“Blac Chyna is in a rush to get married and she wants it to be extra fabulous and so does Rob,” the source continued.

What do you think of reports that Blac Chyna is becoming a “bridezilla” as she plans her wedding with Rob Kardashian?

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for BET]