WWE News: Update On When WWE Star And Executive Triple H Is Scheduled To Wrestle Again

WWE Executive and pro-wrestler Triple H has been working in the sports entertainment world for over two decades. The man has been part of about as many WrestleMania events as The Undertaker, and has more appearances than Hulk Hogan and other top tier performers. He was a main eventer and a mid-carder in his career, but the one thing Triple H has always had on his side was his mind. The man knows how to book a show, just check out WWE NXT for reference. He is now in charge of Talent Relations for WWE.

This means he is the guy who will hire and fire talent whenever he feels it necessary. He has proven he can do well as an executive for WWE, but before all of this he was known as just a normal performer for WWE. While his Authority role on television has gone through mixed reviews, most seem to believe he is good when in a normal program with someone. The duo of Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon do draw for the company, but fans hate to see them too. It is one of those moments where WWE cannot win for losing.

Regardless, ratings have suffered since WrestleMania concluded. Both episodes of WWE RAW under the Roman Empire reign have been seeing very low ratings compared to this same time last year. That proves to most that WWE fans don’t want to see Roman Reigns as WWE World Heavyweight Champion and have stopped watching to show their displeasure, which tells WWE that they can either fix the issue for fans or they can lose them.

HHH Reigns
image via WWE

Despite this, Reigns’ opponent at WrestleMania 32 and the former champ in Triple H is needed potentially now more than ever.

Low ratings mean there is a need for stars, and like him or hate him, Triple H is just that. The problem is that his wrestling career is up in the air. His talent deal expired back before WrestleMania, but it does appear he signed a new deal to remain a part-time ring worker. According to Cageside Seats, Triple H was added to the current European Tour and will wrestle Dean Ambrose at some events. Shane McMahon was also added to the current tour.

This means it is quite possible both Shane and Triple H work the upcoming WWE RAW event on Monday. However, do not expect to see Triple H take on a televised match for a while. It appears he won’t wrestle one until WWE SummerSlam most likely. The opponent rumored for Triple H is Seth Rollins, but it truly all depends on how WWE decides to bring back Crossfit Jesus.

If The Architect is useful more as a babyface than heel, he will be used as such. The issue for WWE is that they know Seth Rollins will get major cheers once he comes back simply because fans do like him a lot as a performer. The respect he has from fans make them want to cheer the guy. This was already proven when he won the Slammy Award for Best Superstar of the Year.

HHH Rollins [Image via WWE]Rollins was the company’s top heel when he went down thanks to a major knee injury last fall, but there is no way he can come back as a heel now due to the love he has from fans. He is expected back around June, which means WWE could slowly build him for a SummerSlam date with The Game.

Due to the fact that Roman Reigns is appearing to show more heel tendencies, it makes sense to think that Reigns will turn heel and become the top guy in that category. Meanwhile Rollins can be a full babyface and have the fans on his side as the potential top babyface, which is going to be new for his singles career in WWE. The babyface run has to happen slowly however, with the ultimate turn happening near SummerSlam. That would be the time we get Rollins/Triple H.

This match was actually supposed to be at WrestleMania before injuries plagued WWE’s roster. If everyone stays healthy, this is certainly where things appear to be headed for Triple H and Seth Rollins at the biggest party of the summer. Until then, Triple H and Stephanie very well could return to their Authority roles before too long.

[Image via WWE]