Missouri Couple Allegedly Sodomized Child After Luring Her Into Their Home

A Missouri couple has been arrested after allegedly committing horrifying sexual acts with a 10-year-old child they had lured into their home. The Daily Mail shares the shocking details of this disturbing incident, and those details are certainly stomach-turning.

The incident reportedly took place last month in the area of Ballwin, which is a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. The alleged child victim told authorities that 42-year-old Terry Roderick and 29-year-old Brittany H. Golden lured her into their home under the guise that they were looking for their lost puppy. The Missouri couple allegedly told the little girl that they would give her a pet bunny if she would help them search inside their home. Once they lured the 10-year-old girl into the home, she was allegedly forced to endure a variety of sex acts against her will.

Police reports indicate that the 10-year-old victim was forced to perform oral sex on both Terry Roderick and his 29-year-old girlfriend. The girl was also inappropriately fondled and forced to fondle Roderick, according to reports. It was fortunate that the child was released with her life by the Missouri couple, but when she told authorities immediately after it happened, it took approximately a month for the couple to be arrested.

While “stranger abductions” like this are far more rare than cases of children being kidnapped by people they know, they do indeed happen. In fact, the National Criminal Justice Reference Service reports that approximately 115 stereotypical “stranger kidnappings” occur per year. Of those 115 kidnappings, 40 percent of the children are killed by the perpetrators. The NCJRS also states that 4 percent of child victims of stranger abductions are never located. Some of the most notorious cases of stranger abductions of children have tragic endings, such as the famous kidnapping and murder of John Walsh’s son, Adam Walsh.

Adam Walsh was only 6-years-old when he was kidnapped from a shopping center in Hollywood, Florida, in 1981. His decapitated remains were eventually found, bringing a horrifying end to the high profile search for the lad. This traumatic event led his father — John Walsh — into a career of advocating for victims of crime.

In 2009, a Canadian third-grader named Victoria Stafford was kidnapped, assaulted, and murdered by a young couple. Her case brought attention to child abductions and murders in Canada, and remains a case of interest in Canadian media all these years later.

The unnamed 10-year-old victim in this latest case is absolutely lucky to have survived the ordeal she allegedly suffered at the hands of the Missouri couple. Both Terry Roderick and Brittany H. Golden have each been slapped with four charges of first-degree statutory sodomy. Both suspects have criminal records, too. Roderick did prison time for crimes associated with assault, burglary and drug and weapons offenses. He was paroled in 2012 but went right back just a few days later. He was released in December, 2015, tasting just a few months of freedom before facing accusations of sodomy on a 10-year-old child. He is currently being held on bond in the amount of $250,000, while Holden’s bond is set at around $100,000.

[Photo via St. Louis Police mugshot]

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