'iZombie': Rose McIver Discusses Zombie Makeup, Robert Buckley Discusses Major's Future And Season 3, And David Anders Explains Why He Joined

iZombie Season 2 has come to a close, and what a finale it was for iZombie fans.

Warning: there will be iZombie spoilers in this article.

iZombie Season 2 went from safe and cozy with everything zombie related being contained to all hell breaking loose. Rose McIver used to feel that way when she was first cast as Liv Moore on iZombie because the process of becoming a zombie took a lot of work, Just Jared Jr. reports.

"We have this look that we established and it used to take an hour and four-five minutes, and after being in Vancouver for two years, we really refined it to just over an hour."
Rose McIver does wear a lot of makeup to become iZombie's Liv Moore, but surprisingly the hair is simply a wig, for anyone else that didn't realize that in Season 1. Rose McIver, despite her character Liv Moore's occasionally horrific and garish appearance, sees her character as a positive figure for girls, Fashion & Style reports.

Liv Moore on Superhero Brain
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"To have a hero who can embrace that she is herself and that she is something else is definitely getting a bit of a response from audiences. And I think that's great for young women's self-esteem, especially."
Robert Buckely, known to iZombie fans as Major Lilywhite, has had his life together, destroyed, rebuilt, and now destroyed again. iZombie Season 2 is over and Season 3 is on the horizon, but Buckley doesn't really want to see Major happy again, according to Comic Book Resources.
"Selfishly I'd love to see things go well for him, but as a viewer I think it's far more interesting to watch him just get shattered and his dreams be destroyed. It makes for good TV. No one wants to see happy people do well. That's why you flip past anti-depressant commercials. We know how it ends. The gray cloud disappears, they're in the park, they're happy."
Speaking of iZombie Season 3, Rahul Kohli sees his character Ravi become a very different person in the next season.
"It's so early and the writers' room hasn't opened yet, there hasn't even been a discussion. But it's one of those things, I looked at the character, I looked at his journey through season 2 and the finale, and I just felt like Ravi's life has become extremely dangerous, as has everyone's."
David Anders as Blaine DeBeers
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iZombie fans were expecting a zombie apocalypse at the end of Season 1, but it did not happen. Then, before iZombie Season 2 finale came to a close, it seemed likely that this season's end would be the one. However, with the shocking ending of Vivian Stoll the zombie and her zombie private military contractors, it is clear that the body bag is off the zombie now.

David Anders, also known as Blaine DeBeers, is the one stowaway that producer and co-creator Rob Thomas brought over from his other popular CW show Veronica Mars. Despite all the zombies and death, Anders was drawn to the show because of the comedy it brings to the small screen, according to Parade.

"It's very funny. That's what drew me to it in the first place. It's full of funny, talented actors."
David Anders' Blaine has gone from evil to a likable evil, and then to amnesiac, nice guy hero. iZombie's David Anders certainly brings a darker humor to the show, but also is almost as multifaceted as Rose McIver's Liv Moore.

iZombie treads the line between gut-busting, witty comedy, suspense, and sheer terror, making it one of the most unique zombie shows or films ever produced. iZombie fans were probably as on the edge of their seats as the cast were to find out that Season 3 was greenlit, but hopefully for iZombie fans, the show will have more witty, comedic, and horrific seasons ahead.

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