Apple iPhone 7 Rumored To Ditch Audio Jack, But Comes With Smart Connector, Wider Camera Sensor

If Apple resumes its usual schedule in releasing smartphones, the announcement date of the Apple iPhone 7 will be somewhere in September, and the release will be a week later.

Right now, however, there are some iPhone 7 rumors that are floating around the internet.

According to a leak that made it’s way onto a Chinese website, the new smartphone will not come with the standard 3.5mm audio jack.

The leaker, who reportedly works for Apple’s manufacturing partner company, Catcher Technology, posted an image of the iPhone 7 on a local website, which has since then been picked up by various media outlets.

Catcher has reportedly worked with Apple, HTC, and Samsung products in the past. This makes it a possibility that the leak came from a legitimate source.

Missing Audio Jack

While some news websites are skeptical about the alleged leak, Japanese site MacOtakara posted that the “possibility is great” that the leaked image is the actual prototype of the device.

In place of the audio jack, rumors claim that dual stereo speakers would take its place.

Instead of the jack, which connects to headsets or earphones by wire, the new iPhone 7 will allegedly come with Bluetooth EarPods that can be paired and charged with the device. These accessories, based on rumors, can be charged through a lightning port.

Frame, Camera, and Display

Previously, MacOtakara also claimed that the upcoming smartphone will share the same waistline as its older sibling, the iPhone 6s. This goes against initial rumors that the Cupertino-based manufacturer plans to unleash a super slim iPhone this year.

It is slowly turning out that the manufacturer may just stick with 6.1mm thin phones for the meantime.

A larger camera will also come with the iPhone 7, but the leaked image shows what appear to be dual cameras located at the back of the device. Considering previous rumors, it would be safe to assume that the device is the iPhone 7 Plus and not the iPhone 7.

Camera sensors are also protruding from the back surface, as opposed to the flushed sensors of the current models.

As far as display is concerned, rumors are pointing to the same technology used in the iPad Pro. There will also be sensors located at the top of the device to help in adjusting screen lighting and colors.

The iPad Pro’s True Tone displays mean that the screen of the device will adjust its colors to its surroundings, which is pretty neat.

Here Comes the Smart Connector

Taking note of the leaked image, the device appears to have the Smart Connector that made its debut with Apple’s iPads and is used to connect a Smart Keyboard. While there are no rumors that the upcoming iPhone 7 will have keyboard support, this feature remains a possibility as well.

With the help of this connector, iPhone users would be able to transfer both power and data without the need of wires.

It is also worth noting that the antenna lines, which are visible in current iPhone models, are not seen in the alleged image.

Release Date and Price

As mentioned above, September is the month that Apple has assigned to its iPhone division, and most likely, consumers would be able to get their hands on the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus by the end of the month.

Based on previous reports, the iPhone 7 price tag could start at $649, similar to the price of the iPhone 6s when it was launched.

Meanwhile, it remains unclear whether the company will release a new iPad later this year.

[Image via Apple]