When Will New ‘Arrow’ And ‘Supernatural’ Air? [Spoilers]

Arrow and Supernatural fans were left disappointed this week when no new episodes aired for either show. Now they want to know when the new episodes will be released, and whether there are any more breaks planned before the season finales.

Both Arrow and Supernatural will see new episodes airing on Wednesday April 27. Arrow will start with the two Winchester brothers following an hour later, both still on the CW channel. There are no plans for any more breaks, as both will have 23 episodes to their seasons and they will air on May 25, 2016.

Hypable reports that both shows had significant episodes last week before they took their mini breaks. Arrow fans were devastated to find out Laurel Lance, AKA the Black Canary, was killed. It was not just a death that shocked fans, but it also angered many. It does mean the characters have to deal with another loss, with all members feeling something different. Diggle will feel the most guilt, as he chose to trust Andy over his friends, and that led to Laurel’s death.

It looks like Captain Lance will turn to Nyssa for help. She will guest star in the next episode as he begs for her to save his elder daughter. The next episode of Arrow does make it look like Laurel may not be dead after all. There is a Black Canary sighting, which will have Team Arrow searching for the truth.

It does mean good news for Arrow fans. Felicity will return to the bunker as the tech guru. She will be devastated at the loss of her friend, and this is just the news she needed to know that she is a vital role in the team, despite Oliver’s constant attempts to declare his love for her.

Meanwhile, on Supernatural, the episode last week continued with defeating The Darkness. With a bit of trickery from Rowena, Crowley and the Winchesters, Lucifer got hold of the Hand of God to use it on Amara. Crowley and the Winchesters also learned that Castiel is happy inside his head, waiting for Lucifer to defeat The Darkness once and for all.

As Lucifer warned Amara that God is gone, she has him captured and wants to use him to get her brother back. As his first creation, she believes God holds a special spot in his heart for Lucifer, despite caging him. The Winchesters also learned that the Hand of God is not even enough to stop Amara; or is that because the wrong person is using it?

The next episode will not continue the overall storyline, but it will include another standalone episode. The Winchester brothers go to Colorado to stop a creature that only appears every 27 years. They run across two hunters who have a grudge against this creature; something the Winchesters have never seen before.

There are many questions for the two TV shows. The main one for Arrow is whether Laurel is really dead. Considering her role in the team and Katie Cassidy’s stance as a series regular, it would seem strange that the writers have taken her out completely. For Supernatural fans, the big question is whether God will return. Chuck is coming back in Episode 20, and fans suspect that he is God.

While fans are annoyed at yet another break for the two shows, it is worth remembering that both of these shows have 23 episodes. A lot of work goes into the production, and the breaks are needed to make sure everything is in order. It also means a shorter break between the two seasons. Arrow and Supernatural have both been renewed, and both will likely air again in October 2016.

Arrow and Supernatural will return with Episode 19 of their respective seasons on April 27, 2016.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]