50 Cent’s Infinite Cash Flow: Rapper Spends $5,000 On Strippers After Submitting $23 Million Repayment Plan

50 Cent’s been playing with fire again. Fire, or rather dollar bills and very scantily-clad ladies. Just hours after proposing an arrangement to the judge on his bankruptcy case, he was pictured throwing bills at strippers in a Los Angeles club.

The rapper had proposed a deal with his creditors which would enable him to repay $23 million over the next five years, around $400,000 a month. The Get Rich or Die Tryin’ star would have to liquidate part of his remaining assets.

50 Cent is filing for bankruptcy to be protected against lawsuit but his lifestyle tells another story. 50 Cent is constantly bragging about money. [Photo via Instagram/50 cent]But the deal was still warm when 50 Cent was photographed at the Ace of Diamonds strip club, where he is reported to have spent $5,000, the Mirror reports.

How does he do it all? The rapper’s never been shy and has been openly posting about his private life on Instagram, but this time we can’t help but wonder if it’s all a scam or if he’s just plain stupid?

Judge Nevis, who will rule on 50 Cent’s case, previously told him that his Instagram images were a concern for her, as they went against his bankruptcy claim, as The Inquisitr reported at the time. The rapper defended himself and said they were all marketing props.

50 Cent's lifestyle isn't quite matching with his bankruptcy filing. 50 Cent’s been endorsing a brand of vodka and promoting a lot it on his Instagram account. [Photo via Instagram/50 Cent]And marketing’s something 50 Cent’s been doing a lot of, promoting his latest product left, right, and center with a constant flow of images advertising a brand of vodka he is being paid to endorse. Maybe he’s just working hard to pay all his debts back?

It’s in the name of this “aspirational” image that “hip-hop culture” is imposing on him that 50 Cent has defended his many controversial posts. In a statement, 50 Cent declared:

“The standard by which artists and fans engage is commonly tied to money, jewellery, products and advertising over social media.”

“The standard by which artists and fans engage is commonly tied to money, jewellery, products and advertising over social media,” 50 Cent’s statement reads on. “Products and brands are now marketed through social media as an effective way to engage with consumers.”

Under the terms of 50 Cent’s latest proposal, Sleek Audio – his biggest creditor – would receive $17.3 million. SunTrust Bank, another creditor, would receive close to $5 million. 50 Cent has settled with Lastonia Leviston at $6 million after losing a sex tape case against her.

So it’s all brand work?

50 Cent may think he’s got a certain standard to keep up if he wants to inspire the next generation to do amazing things, but spending grands on strippers isn’t exactly the best way to do that. It seems the rapper is still very much caught in the lifestyle he had at the height of his fame – money, women, jewelry, fame – and is struggling to let go of that prestige.

50 Cent’s defended his filing for bankruptcy before, when he appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show in July last year. He said he needed protection against lawsuits.

“You get a bull’s-eye painted on your back when you’re successful, and it’s public.”

Business Insider reported the video was later taken down but refused to comment on the reasons why.

It’s unclear what kind of repercussions 50 Cent’s outrageous posts and behavior can have on his lawsuit.

Considering Judge Nevis’ previous warnings to the rapper to start taking things seriously, it wouldn’t be surprising if she took 50 Cent’s latest as a lack of respect to her authority. There’s only so much promoting a man can do before it all gets a bit ridiculous…

What do you think? Is 50 Cent doing himself good by keeping up the pretenses, or should he slow it down and start eating humble pie?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Playboy]