Kerry Washington’s Classy Response To ‘Adweek’ Team Who Photoshopped Her Photo

Kerry Washington is known to play compelling and dynamic roles onscreen, which have won her many accolades. Entertainment Weekly has reported that Kerry Washington plays the onscreen role of Anita Hill, the U.S. attorney and academic, who ignited a firestorm by accusing the Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexually harassing her.

In fact, Anita Hill has approved of and appreciated Kerry Washington’s performance in HBO’s Confirmation which is a dramatic account of Anita Hills’s fight for justice in 1991.

According to Anita Hill, Kerry Washington appears to be dignified and emotional in the television movie. And Kerry Washington has conveyed the painful experience that Anita Hill went to in a beautiful way, even though she personally hadn’t experienced that kind of turmoil and humiliation in her own life.

And perhaps Kerry Washington’s onscreen character in HBO’s Confirmation has motivated her to be assertive and confident in her own life. USA Today reported that Kerry Washington took to Instagram to convey her disapproval and frustration with Adweek magazine when her photograph on the magazine’s cover was retouched.

Kerry Washington posted that she found it strange to look at the cover photo and realize how different her image was from her real look. In fact, she said that she did not even recognize herself on the magazine cover. Kerry Washington added that she is aware that photo retouching is a common process in showbiz but she needed to be assertive to highlight the negative impact of her altered image.

“It felt strange to look at a picture of myself that is so different from what I look like when I look in the mirror. It’s an unfortunate feeling.”

The dashing actress stressed upon the fact that the photo editing software must not be used so heavily that it drastically alters a person’s appearance, especially to the extent that she felt her own image had been altered on the cover. Even her fans felt that the magazine did not do her image justice.

Kerry Washington went on to thank her fans for their overall support and encouraged them to read the issue that discussed her brand partnerships and her upcoming projects. James Cooper, Adweek‘s editorial director, appreciated Kerry Washington’s honesty and clarified that what he described as minor adjustments for “dramatic effect” to her photo were made solely to suit the cover page design.

And on another occasion Kerry Washington proved that she can be as dynamic and savvy as Olivia Pope, the gutsy character that she portrays on Scandal, ABC’s political thriller. The television show portrays Kerry Washington’s character as a crisis management specialist who fixes problems. And Kerry Washington seems to want other people to enjoy the show as much as she evidently enjoys creating it.

The Root reported that Kerry Washington urged her Scandal co-stars to create a Twitter storm to promote the show. The stars felt that there was an urgent need to promote the show as the ABC network had allowed the show to run for a limited period only. Kerry Washington made the most of social media when she was campaigning for Barrack Obama during the presidential elections, and since she wanted Scandal to be one of the most-tweeted-about shows, the actress decided to use the social media platform as a game changer to make the show the online sensation that she hoped it would be.

Kerry Washington urged Shonda Rhimes, Scandal‘s creator and writer, to encourage the Scandal cast to sign up with Twitter and blitz the social media platform with their presence as the show was rolled out.

Shonda Rhimes was more than happy to follow Kerry Washington’s strategy and she also encouraged everyone on the show to sign up with Twitter. The passionate actors were proud of their show and they were ready to do as much as they could to promote it on social media. It seems that Kerry Washington’s brief experience in garnering press coverage for Barack Obama’s political campaign has equipped her to be social media savvy, and it will go a long way towards promoting her television show.

[Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for HBO]