Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Talks About Donald Trump With Republican Focus Group

In the midst of speeches on Thursday evening by Republican candidates in New York City, Megyn Kelly held a special focus group with Republican voters. She started the group off by asking the audience what they thought about Donald Trump’s speech, given just 45 minutes earlier in New York City.

“His speech was great. He had substance, he was personable, he was funny. It was all the best of Trump in one speech,” said a commenter named Boris.

“The fact that this man is using 9-11 and the death of thousands of people to get votes is disgraceful,” said a middle-aged female commenter.

“This man is a multi-billionaire, like he likes to tell us over and over again. But didn’t he get a grant for a small business when that was supposed to be for small businesses to stay open after 911…It’s a disgrace and he should be ashamed of himself,” said another middle-aged woman.

Donald Trump Speech
Donald Trump divides Republicans like no other GOP candidate has done before. [Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images]
Then, a middle-aged man tried to convince everybody that Donald Trump “is” them, but a lot of audience members definitely weren’t having it. Soon, a young Hispanic man, who is a Trump supporter, said he thought that Ted Cruz’s criticism of Trump’s “New York values” was offensive.

Afterwards, perhaps the youngest man in the audience interrupted.

“I think this is the whole problem. The fact that we’re arguing over what a candidate is saying rather than his experience,” he pointed out, right before praising John Kasich.

Then, several in the audience started arguing about Trump’s lack of experience. However, a lot of people agreed that Trump is a problem solver, which can help him if he is elected to the presidency. After a difficult couple of weeks, Donald Trump did get some praise for his speech on Thursday evening. Bloomberg thought Trump was effective.

“The brash billionaire, whose campaign manager was all over the news again Thursday after he was cleared of a minor battery charge, was clearly enjoying himself Thursday night before a raucously supportive audience at a GOP fundraiser just a mile south of his eponymous Trump Tower.”

The article adds that Trump relied on New York pride for his speech, and the audience appeared to enjoy it. Trump said that he loved speaking at the Grand Hyatt because he helped build it. The audience laughed and smiled.

The Observer noted that Donald Trump garnered the most attention, even though he barely spoke about politics.

“He seemed to revel in talking local real estate, and patted himself on the back not just for building the Hyatt but for giving the Grand Hyatt a Park Avenue address. He dropped names that don’t typically show up in presidential stump speeches, like Ed Koch and Richard Ravitch.”

Donald Trump Speech
Trump’s speech earned a lot of praise on Twitter. [Photo by Ty Wright/Getty Images]
The reactions to Donald Trump’s speech from his core audience were positive on Twitter.

During the forum, even Megyn Kelly hinted that Mr. Trump gave a decent speech, and that she was surprised. Did you watch the speech? If so, do you think Donald won back some voters who have been alienated by him these past couple of weeks? Let us know in the comments section.

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