Bernie Sanders Beats Donald Trump By Wide Margin, Tops Ted Cruz & John Kasich In New Polls

Despite Hillary Clinton’s enduring lead as her party’s frontrunner, the Democrats are now reviewing fresh data which presents upstart challenger Bernie Sanders as the safest bet for the White House come November. As reported by Newsmax, a new Fox News poll indicates that Sanders would defeat all three Republican rivals in a head-to-head, general election contest against each contender.

The widest margin of victory in the above-noted poll is in a hypothetical match-up between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The Vermont senator trounces his billionaire rival 53 percent to 38 percent. Texas Senator Ted Cruz closes the gap slightly, garnering 39 percent to Sanders’ 51 percent in the poll. Ohio Governor John Kasich provides the closest race for Sanders, but still falls to the democratic socialist, earning only 43 percent to Sanders’ 47 percent.

Hillary Clinton also tops Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in hypothetical contests. John Kasich comes out on top against the former Secretary of State, though, topping Clinton 49 percent to 40 percent.

donald trump
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets supporters after speaking at a campaign rally on April 11, 2016 in Albany, New York. The New York primary is scheduled for April 19th. [Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images]
A poll by CBS News largely echoed the findings by Fox News. Further results from CBS News revealed that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the most disliked candidates among the current pool of contenders.

“Fifty-four percent of registered voters view the former senator of New York unfavorably, while the billionaire has a 63 percent unfavorable rating… Cruz is also view(ed) negatively among voters at 48 percent.”

Despite polling data, Bernie Sanders faces an uphill battle with regard to the Democratic nomination itself. Hillary Clinton is heavily favored to win the New York primary on April 19, according to aggregate data compiled by Real Clear Politics. She also leads Sanders in polls for the Pennsylvania primary election, which will be held a week later.

bernie sanders donald trump
Democratic Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders debate during the CNN Democratic Presidential Primary Debate in New York City. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]
Of course, Hillary Clinton also has the added benefit of counting significant number of superdelegates in her corner for this summer’s Democratic National Convention, which makes her lead over Sanders virtually insurmountable from a mathematical standpoint. Superdelegates can ultimately change their camps under certain circumstances and Bernie Sanders’ wife Jane recently told The Daily Beast that she was optimistic that her husband would pick up some additional support before the nomination is decided. She also said that while the Sanders camp thinks that the delegate system is unfair, they would not publicly complain in the same manner as Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

“I know Donald Trump has complained about the system,” Jane Sanders said. “We’re not going to complain about it. We knew the rules going in. We don’t like the rules. We don’t think it’s good for democracy.”

Sanders’ wife spoke on the specifics of the nomination process, describing the very notion of superdelegates as “silly.”

“If the superdelegates are using their judgment, my hope is that they are looking at what is happening in this race—that he [Bernie Sanders] has won eight of the nine most recent races, that he has far better polling numbers against all the Republicans, that he can get not just Democrats but Independents,” Jane Sanders added.

In her comments to The Daily Beast, Jane Sanders stated that the Sanders family – including Bernie – would support Hillary Clinton for president if she is chosen as the Democratic nominee, striking a noteworthy difference between her party and the Republicans. John Kasich, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump have all vacillated on previous pledges to support the GOP nominee after a particularly brutal bout of primary infighting.

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

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