Kate Middleton And Prince William Rebuked By Piers Morgan For Hypocrisy

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appear to be having a lovely time so far on their 2016 tour of Bhutan. Kate Middleton and Prince William have enjoyed meeting the people of Mumbai, played a cricket match with the locals, and even shot a bow and arrow, as E! Online shares, as well as other activities.

“The Duchess of Cambridge channeled Katniss Everdeen, shooting a bow and arrow during her tour of India and Bhutan (where archery is named as their national sport).”

One additional event that has garnered much attention involves the couple visiting a baby rhino at the Indian Animal Sanctuary. Although the images to match Kate and William’s stop in the sanctuary are adorable and present the pair with beaming smiles, while looking fully endeared to the animals, the royal pair have garnered criticism from royal watchers and the British press for their seemingly gentle and kind reaction to being near the baby rhino

One such critic includes Piers Morgan, morning television host of Good Morning Britain and Daily Mail columnist. Morgan is disgusted by the hypocrisy due to William’s own involvement in hunting the species. The Independent relays the words of the television host in regard to the meetup between Kate William and the rhinos.

“Perhaps it’s because Prince William likes rich people hunting down these same beautiful animals, killing them in often elongated torture sessions, posing for repulsively smug photos next to their rotting carcasses, and then severing their heads for their office walls back home.”

Prince William came under fire recently when he defended hunting endangered species by suggesting that it may actually benefit the animal populations. Lion Aid actually spoke with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain to claim how misinformed Prince William was on this issue. The publication shares the words of the reps for Lion Aid who chatted with Morgan.

“We believe that Prince William was very badly advised to make statements in support of trophy hunting and to say that trophy hunters only take old, infirm and post-reproductive animals. This is clearly not true as trophy hunters love to publish their photos on the internet to show that they only want the biggest and the best. Piers Morgan has taken an extreme stance against trophy hunting but the fact remains that the vast majority of the UK public agree that trophy hunting has no place in 21st-century conservation.”

Piers also went on to share that the royals are emphatic about displaying their hunting trophies at their various estates in Britain, mainly at their Sandringham retreat.

“The British royal family has killed more animals than probably any other family in the world, mostly in the name of ‘sport’. Their palatial homes are packed full of their hunting ‘trophies. At Sandringham alone, the Queen’s home in Norfolk where the family gathers each Christmas, there are 62 stuffed animals including two rare rhinos, a leopard, an Indian tiger, the tusks of an elephant and two lions.”

Prince William came under fire as well back in 2014 for going on a deer and wild boar hunting expedition just prior to campaigning to halt such activity. Representatives for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the royal family have yet to comment on the words shared by Piers Morgan.

As for the endearing pictures taken of Kate Middleton and Prince William petting the baby rhino in India, Morgan is not swayed. While the rest of us are “ooing” and “awwing,” Morgan shares that he had a sickening feeling. In the journalist’s own words, the images made him “feel sick to the very pit” of his stomach as opposed to “all warm and fuzzy inside.”

[Photo by Bhutan Royal Office via Getty Images]

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