Slender Man Stabbings: Wisconsin Girls Who Stabbed Their Friend As Sacrifice To Internet Boogeyman Ask To Be Released After Two Years In Custody

Two Wisconsin girls who stabbed their friend, Payton Leutner, 19 times and left her for dead in a Milwaukee park as a sacrifice to the fictional character Slender Man asked to be released Wednesday after spending over two years in confinement, ABC News is reporting.

Their attorneys insist the girls are not dangerous and should be released to their families. The girls have not been named because their case could be moved to a juvenile court. They could still face trial as adults, but that decision is still being reviewed.

The two girls are presently being held on $500,000 bond. One of the attorneys said one the girls was sexually assaulted last year at the detention center she was being held. Prosecuting attorney Ted Szczupakiewicz did not comment. Judge Michael Bohren said he will consider the request Friday and was concerned that he was still to get a report over the sexual assault.

Attorneys for the two girls have etched out plans that will follow their release, including electronic monitoring, therapy sessions, and around-the-clock supervision. One of the girls would live with her grandparents in Manitowoc County while the other would stay in Waukesha County with her family.

The girls, both 12 years old at the time of the incident, had lured their friend, Payton Leutner, also 12, into the woods after inviting her for a birthday sleepover. According to court documents, they had brokered a deal with “Slender Man” to sacrifice their friend so that the fictional character would not harm them or their families. The girls had been planning to murder Leutner for months and discussed the plan using code words.

Leutner was stabbed repeatedly in a Waukesha park and left to bleed to death, She had managed to crawl to a sidewalk, where a bicyclist found her and called 911. Her attackers were found walking towards the Nicolet National Forest, apparently to tell Slender Man that the deed was done.

Waukesha Police Detective Shelly Fisher said her interview with Leutner when she was recuperating at the hospital revealed that she wanted to end the relationship with the girls because of their obsession with the Slender Man. Leutner said things were getting “scarier and scarier and weirder and weirder” and that the girls would occasionally send her emails that horror characters were out to get her.

Investigators found mutilated Barbie dolls and disturbing drawings with phrases like “I want to die” and “I love killing people” in one of the bedrooms of the murderous Wisconsin girls.

Investigator David Janish said most of the dolls were marked with the Slender Man symbol and were missing their hands and feet. He added that some of the writings carried haunting messages like “I can never die, he is alive” and “not safe even in your house.” The investigator said the discoveries were made with the girls’ parents present and that they were visibly upset with the unsettling revelations about their daughters.

Clinical psychologist Deborah Collins said the same girl had told her while in a mental health facility that she had a relationship not only with Slender Man but with Lord Voldemort, the villain in the Harry Potter franchise. The girl was 13 at the time.

“When you ask the 13-year-old, ‘What if Slender Man doesn’t exist?’ she can’t tolerate that. She becomes oppositional and says she knows it’s true and it can’t be proven untrue, so it’s true,” Collins said.

Do you believe the Wisconsin girls charged in the Slender Man stabbings should be released?

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