Los Angeles Rams Are Officially On The Clock With Two Quarterbacks In Mind

Hello, Los Angeles Rams, you are officially on the clock! Which quarterback are you going to take to be the new face of your franchise?

As the days leading up to the NFL Draft draw closer, the Los Angeles Rams have pulled off a stunning trade with the Tennessee Titans for the No. 1 pick. Someone may get fired at some point in the near future.

According to ESPN, the L.A. Rams have agreed to send their No. 15 pick, two second round picks and a third rounder from this draft. The Rams also are expected to send next year’s first- and third-round selections.

The trade would have been announced yesterday, but the two teams delayed the official announcement out of respect for Los Angeles Lakers’ star Kobe Bryant’s retirement game.

In order to ease the burden of the Rams losing draft choices this year, the Tennessee Titans will part ways with a fourth- and six-round pick. The Titans were truthful when they came out a few days ago and stated that they had some solid offers (courtesy of CBS Sports) for the NFL’s top draft pick.


Not only did they get a solid offer, they got a farm full of assets to work with this draft. Now they can finish fine tuning their roster with young talent. Most importantly, the Titans have the draft picks to go after a couple of offensive linemen, a receiver, and some help on defense.

“It is not often that you have the No. 1 overall pick and we hope to not be in this position again. But we tried to use that pick as currency to work the draft and maximize player acquisition. We now have the ammunition to work the draft and acquire players that are good for this football team.

“In terms of timing, it made sense for us to do this now as it gives us time to adjust and make sure we target more players.”

If Tennessee does not change the direction of their franchise within the next two or three seasons, failure to select solid contributors from the upcoming draft will be the blame.


The Rams gave up a cacophony of draft picks. Offering up their first pick is a mere formality. The stunner is that they gave away both second-round choices, which are the 43rd and 45th picks. In a perfect world, the Tennessee Titans would get three or four starters this season from what the Rams are giving up.

That is three or four starters for the Tennessee Titans pales in comparison to the one starter that the Los Angeles Rams hope to get from the pick No. 1. The Rams are now on the clock and are rumored as trying to decide between quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Jared Goff with the top pick.

Whichever player gets chosen with the Rams’ now-top pick, who will undoubtedly be a quarterback, he’d better be worth the king’s ransom given up for him. Both Wentz and Goff have their strengths. They have strong, accurate throwing arms. The football IQ is there for both of them. There is a question that looms large here: Can either Carson Wentz or Jarod Goff lead a huddle?


If the answer is a unanimous yes, the Rams and Titans trade will go down as a win for both teams. Right now, it stands as a huge gamble by the Los Angeles Rams. Since they are moving to a new city, the bright lights of L.A., the gamble may seem like a risk worth taking.

In order to move the needle, a splashy move by the Rams was necessary. Most fans foresaw that taking place in the first couple of days in NFL free-agency but nothing materialized. Trading for the Titans’ top pick is the biggest, boldest move they could have made to this date, and it could pay off well.

Now that the Los Angeles Rams have completed the move of the NFL offseason in acquiring the No. 1 pick from the Tennessee Titans, we know that two quarterbacks will go first and second. On to the rest of the NFL Draft.

[Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images]