‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Laura Spencer Begins New Romance, Who Will Be Her Next Beau?

Summer is coming up soon and that means that things will be heating up on daytime television. General Hospital has promised that there will be plenty of romance in the coming weeks. One longtime character has been man-less for a while now. Laura Spencer has been focusing on her children's issues more than on herself, but that is all about to change.

This GH veteran is about to have a new man in her life and it could be someone totally unexpected. While many rumors have been floating around on the internet on who that could be, it looks like it may be someone that is very familiar to viewers.

Daytime Confidential hinted that the General Hospital actress will be embarking on a brand new romance soon. While not giving out any names just yet, they did give a huge clue on who Laura's new beau will be.
"He's a doctor and he's the ex-hubby of another beloved veteran character."
It really isn't too hard to figure out as there are only a few of the vets on the ABC soap who have actually been married to a doctor. There is also a brand new preview video that General Hospital posted on Twitter that shows Laura sitting across from someone sharing a toast with.
The man that she is with just happens to be Lucy Coe's ex-husband, Dr. Kevin Collins. The twosome is seen at the Metro Court talking and looking very comfortable together. Since they have known each other for a while now, Laura and Kevin's relationship seems really relaxed and natural.

Laura also has the book that she found in the attic at Wyndemere with her when she meets up with the handsome doc. It sounds like she will enlist his help to figure out the next step in Helena's puzzle, and possibly one step closer to their budding romance.

General Hospital star Jon Lindstrom returns
[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]The key to what she has loved and lost is a mystery at this point. Laura found an old book called An Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, which used to belong to her former flame, Scotty Baldwin. Maybe Kevin will be able to help her decipher the circled letters to get one step closer to solving the mystery.

Laura Spencer will apparently be heading out on an adventure to figure out just what the Cassadine matriarch is telling her from the grave. Will her new guy be going with her? Could Kevin be a part of the big picture?

The alleged future romance between Laura and Kevin could always just be a teaser. There are other men in town that could get her attention as well. However, it does seem likely that these two could hook up, as neither one of them has had any kind of relationship to speak of recently.

This unlikely romance could make some General Hospital fans upset because Kevin Collins and Lucy Coe were a favorite couple for many years. They seemed like a perfect match. Fans enjoyed their relationship, but most soap couples just don't seem to stay together forever.

Jon Lindstrom (Kevin Collins) has been popping in and out of the hospital over the past few years. This new story line will at least give him some much-needed screen time. It will also give Genie Francis (Laura Spencer) a juicy story line as well.

What will also be interesting is that the General Hospital Nurses Ball is coming up next month, as reported by ABC Soaps In Depth, and that means Lucy will be planning the festivities very soon. Executive producer, Frank Valentini, had this to say about the upcoming event.
"This will be GH's 12th Nurses Ball and each year our wonderful viewers have come to expect plenty of music, dance, glamour, and of course an abundance of drama. There's a lot of exciting performances and appearances in the works. You won't want to miss it!"
Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe) will be returning to General Hospital for the Nurses Ball, as well as Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio). Daytime Confidential reported that these two will be back on screen and fans are quite ecstatic about it.

General Hospital brings back Lucy Coe
[Photo By Getty Images]What will Lucy think of her doc hooking up with Laura Spencer? It could get a little awkward if she shows up with Kevin on her arm on the red carpet. That could be part of the drama that Valentini was talking about.

Are you looking forward to the pairing of Kevin Collins and Laura Spencer?

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