Von Miller Vs Cam Newton: Super Bowl 50 MVP Shows Off Hilarious 'Water Polo Sack'

NFL star Von Miller is apparently not holding back when it comes to poking fun at Cam Newton.

The Super Bowl 50 MVP mocked the Carolina Panthers quarterback Wednesday on social media with an edited picture on Instagram of Newton playing water polo. A shirtless Cam Newton is pictured in a swimming pool about to toss a ball while playing water polo. However, his toss is interrupted by none other than Von Miller in his Denver Broncos attire by a move that Von later titled a "water polo sack."

"Hahaha water polo sack!"

Von Miller
[Photo Credit: Von Miller Instagram]

Why is this "water polo sack" picture making headlines as a trending topic? Why would Von Miller choose to mock Cam Newton in this particular photo? Most NFL fans and critics, as well as anyone else that watched Super Bowl 50 in February, should know the answers to both of those questions.

According to ESPN, Von Miller had 2.5 sacks against Cam Newton during the Super Bowl. Most people would agree that Miller's ability to shut Newton down in key moments of the game played a major role in the 27-year-old outside linebacker receiving the Super Bowl 50 MVP award.

CBS Sports claims that Von Miller placed the nail in the coffin of Super Bowl 50 when he stripped the ball from Cam Newton's hand in the fourth quarter.

With just a little more than four minutes remaining in the Big Game, Cam Newton was focused on getting his team back in the game before it was too late. He dropped back to pass and more than likely thought that he would at least be able to get the ball in the air. However, Miller apparently had other plans for it.

Von Miller Cam Newton
[Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]

Von Miller hit Newton's arm at the right moment, causing the quarterback to fumble the ball. At first glance, it seemed as if Newton was in the perfect spot to recover the fumble and save the play. However, as seen in the game footage, Newton appears to hesitate before diving for the ball - appearing to avoid DeMarcus Ware.

Danny Trevathan, another Denver Broncos linebacker, did not hesitate to essentially call Cam Newton selfish when discussing his overall performance during a post-game interview.

"That's the way he is... Playing for himself... Our defense came out there and got after him. We never let him get comfortable back there. He made some passes, but he was never comfortable."

Von Miller was definitely not the only person who sacked Cam Newton during Super Bowl 50. By the end of the game, the 26-year-old quarterback had been sacked six times.

Did the Denver Broncos plan on sacking Cam Newton that many times during the Super Bowl? Von Miller opened up to Esquire in February about the Super Bowl and the celebratory moves that he planned to use in the big game. According to Miller, the team did not have a definitive plan prepared for stopping Newton on the field.

"When you watch film of the Carolina Panthers, there aren't a lot of positive or useful things you can get out of it. They're scoring 35 points every game. They're running for 150 yards every game. So it's kind of hard to watch film and say, 'This is what we're going to do. This is how we're going to stop them.' We just had to believe in ourselves, and believe in the energy that we had going into the game to get it done. And we did."

Many NFL fans and critics are excited to see what Von Miller and the Denver Broncos have planned for the upcoming season, especially since Peyton Manning will not be joining their roster as the starting quarterback anymore. When they do eventually meet up with the Carolina Panthers again, all eyes will be on Von Miller attempting to expose Cam Newton to yet another "water polo sack."

[Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images]