Lamar Odom Breaks His Silence On Divorce From Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom has finally spoken up about the status of his relationship with estranged wife Khloe Kardashian.

ET Online got the opportunity to speak with Odom on Wednesday night at Staples Center, where the former Laker player attended to watch former teammate Kobe Bryant play his record-breaking final game.

Given what Odom has gone through since last fall, ET’s Kevin Frazier felt it prudent to ask Lamar about the state of his health.

“I’ve never been better, especially after tonight,” Odom said. “He had 60 [points] tonight. He is the world, learned so much from him off the court, on the court, everything kinda translates and life is beautiful.”

Moments after Kobe Bryant dropped 60 points in his final game as a Laker to beat the Utah Jazz at home, Lamar was seen hugging his former teammate.

Lamar Odom, 36, recorded a video message early in the morning to honor Kobe Bryant’s career. Odom often referred to Kobe as his “older brother.”

Odom also addressed the rumors that he had been spotted at a bar in Sherman Oaks, California, raising speculation that he’s gone back to the habit of drinking. Considering that the former NBA player was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel last fall, not to mention his past struggles with drug addition and alcoholism, it was a touchy subject that could potentially cause a rift between him and Khloe Kardashian.

According to TMZ, Lamar was spotted ordering three Remy Martins at the Johnny O’Brien pub on Saturday night. He was reportedly accompanied by two male friends. Odom stayed there for an hour, leaving at around 1 am. Early the next morning, Lamar reportedly spent Easter with Kardashian and her family, and the source tells ET that he looked perfectly fine.

“I mean, it gets tough, especially if so much gets speculated,” he said of the photos. “Only a few people know the truth, and I just keep that close to my heart.”

After the photos surfaced on the internet, reports emerged claiming that Kardashian has parted ways with Lamar for good.

“We did talk, you know, everything is [up for] discussion,” Odom said of Khloe. “We talk about anything. We’ve been through a lot. It won’t ever stop. I still got it.”

Khloe was instrumental in helping Lamar recover from his near fatal overdose at the Nevada brothel, staying at Lamar’s bedside for weeks. Since then, rumors about a possible reconciliation between Odom and Kardashian went their rounds across all media channels.

Whether he’s already off the hook or not, Lamar has to tread carefully if he wants to maintain his close relationship with Khloe, at least going by the words spoken by a source close to the 31-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality star.

“He almost died — if that’s not enough to keep him sober, then what is?” the source says. “If Lamar makes this a habit, Khloe will walk away for good this time. Khloe is shocked that he was caught drinking again.”

“One thing is so clear — Khloe would never get back with Lamar unless she knew 100 percent that he was maintaining his sobriety,” the source added. “So him drinking again is a huge slap in her face.”

Lamar has to heed that advice too. After being hospitalized for three months, Lamar Odom’s cognitive function and motor skills aren’t fully recovered yet. An alcohol relapse would easily lay to waste all the progress he has made.

Hours after the photos surfaced, Khloe made a cryptic tweet that might have alluded to Lamar’s drinking. “I hate this feeling… Helpless,” the tweet went.

Do you think Lamar Odom is on his way to another relapse? Are you still clinging to some small hope that he and Khloe will get back together again? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below.

[Photo by Evan Agostini/AP Photo]