Ingrid Lyne Murder Update: Mother Of Missing Seattle Woman Had Pleaded With Alleged Killer John Charlton To Help Find Her

Before Ingrid Lyne’s body was found dismembered and stuffed into a recycling bin outside a Seattle home, the missing woman’s mother pleaded with her alleged killer to tell them what had happened to Ingrid and where she might be.

John Charlton, who is now charged with first-degree murder for the death of Lyne, had just gone on a date with her on Friday night to see the Seattle Mariners in their home opener. The next day, Lyne never showed up to pick up her three children from her ex-husband’s house, and Lyne’s mother was in a panic.

As The Daily Beast explained, Ingrid Lyne’s mother texted John Charlton to see if he knew why Ingrid never returned home, but Charlton froze up when she told him the police were involved.

“John Charlton played the part of concerned boyfriend during an exchange with Jorga Bass—until she mentioned the law.

“‘A police officer needs to speak to you as you may be the last person who saw her,'” she texted Charlton, according to a Seattle Police statement of probable cause report filed in a Seattle-area court Tuesday.

“Charlton never replied.”

When Seattle police dug more into Ingrid Lyne’s disappearance, they made a grisly discovery. The police report shows that they found her bathtub spattered with blood and bits of flesh, and nearby they discovered a 15-inch pruning saw. Police also caught up to John Charlton on Monday and found that he had cuts on his forehead, an injury to his lip and chin, and scratches on his chest.

Charlton told police that he and Lyne had been dating for some time and that he spent the night on a few occasions, but not on Friday. He claimed he was too drunk to know how Lyne got home on Friday.

Around the same time that police were searching for Ingrid Lyne on Saturday, a homeowner not far from Safeco Field found an unusual plastic bag inside his recycling container, and inside he made out what appeared to be a human foot. The man cut open the bag, finding an arm and a hand, a lower leg and foot, and a severed head, The Daily Beast reported.

It would take police two more days to positively connect the body parts to the missing Ingrid Lyne, and by then family and friends had flooded social media with posts seeking clues about her disappearance and pleading for anyone with information to come forward.

After initially arresting John Charlton on investigation of murder, prosecutors on Wednesday filed a first-degree murder charge against him.

“The tragic murder of Ingrid Lyne has left a family and community in a spiral of grief and anguish,” King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg said in a statement (via the Seattle Times). “We may never understand why she was killed.”

Ingrid Lyne’s alleged killer had a long history with police, the Seattle Times noted. He had convictions for felony theft in Montana in 2009, felony attempted aggravated robbery in Utah in 2006, and negligent driving in Washington State in 1998.

In the Utah incident, a police report showed that Charlton came across a woman sitting in the backseat of her van with a young baby while her husband was in a bookstore. Charlton ordered them to get out and then stole the vehicle, the report claimed.

Police were able to locate the vehicle and arrested Charlton in the parking lot of a Target store. He pleaded guilty to a count of attempted aggravated robbery and served 21 months in prison.

John Charlton is being held in lieu of $2 million bail for the murder of Ingrid Lyne.

[Image via Missing Persons of America]

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