WWE Rumors: The Undertaker Added To Upcoming Events And 'SmackDown' - Who Will He Face?

Many thought that The Undertaker had wrestled his final ever match at WrestleMania 32 when he defeated Shane McMahon inside Hell in a Cell. No, it wasn't a retirement match, but many thought he was just done. Now, he's been added to some upcoming WWE shows, and that includes SmackDown as well. Not only has his appearances at these WWE events been announced, but so have his opponents for them.

After WrestleMania 32 two weeks ago, the schedule for the WWE European tour was revealed and The Undertaker was scheduled for five shows. Yes, he was actually set to appear and perform at five different events in the U.K.

  • April 19 – In London at the O2
  • April 20 – In Newcastle at The Newcastle Arena
  • April 21 – In Brussels at Forest National
  • April 22 – In Paris at Accor Hotels Arena
  • April 23 – In Malaga at Palacio de Deportes José María Martín Carpena
A few days later, he was removed from three of those five dates and was only scheduled for two of them. Then, he was pulled from any and all events that WWE had him scheduled for during their European tour and he was off of it completely.

wwe rumors the undertaked added events smackdown the wyatt family kane
[Image via WWE]Now, The Wrestling Observer is saying that The Undertaker has been added back to at least two dates for the European tour. He will be at the SmackDown taping on April 19 in London and then the WWE Live Event on April 20 in Newcastle.

He's currently being advertised to team up with Kane as the Brothers of Destruction will take on two members of The Wyatt Family - Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan. It's actually the same match idea that WWE had for the live tour of Mexico back in October.

It isn't known if his appearance at the SmackDown taping will be televised or not, but many are expecting it not to be. More than likely, his tag match is going to be the dark match main event for the live crowd only.

wwe rumors the undertaked added events smackdown the wyatt family kane
[Image via WWE]After his match at WrestleMania 32, the world was focused on Shane McMahon being loaded onto a stretcher and then wheeled out of the arena. It was then that The Undertaker quietly and nonchalantly took off his gloves and laid them in the center of the ring. That was a huge reason that everyone believed he had retired and was done.

What Culture believed that move and a few other things signaled that The Undertaker is pretty much done with wrestling.

After his match at WrestleMania 32, it was reported that The Undertaker was telling people backstage that he was done. He had said that the match against Shane McMahon was his last, and the move with the gloves was to signify that.

Still, that may not be the case anymore.

When The Undertaker retires and has his last ever match, it's going to be on a big stage such as WrestleMania or the place where he started it all in WWE - Survivor Series. Knowing that he will be wrestling on the European tour, that's not going to finish out his iconic career.

wwe rumors the undertaked added events smackdown the wyatt family kane
[Image via WWE]His last hurrah. His career-ending match. His retirement bout. His final Tombstone. None of that is going to come in a dark match on the European tour. Not for The Undertaker.

The Undertaker may really not have a lot longer in the world of professional wrestling or with WWE, but he's not retired yet. After being added to the live event and SmackDown, he's still got some life left in him. It is seeming more and more possible that WrestleMania 33 could be his curtain call, and unfortunately, it won't be against Sting. "The Deadman" isn't done yet, but that time may be coming.

[Image via WWE]