Why Kim Kardashian Must Thank Paris Hilton Even As Blac Chyna Plots Kardashians Coup D'Etat

Kim Kardashian and the rest of the KUWTK cast should thank Paris Hilton for launching them into celebrity hyperspace, says an MSN story. It has been a decade since the Hilton heiress gave Kim the blessings, effectively passing on the torch of celebrity. Paris the socialite's daily routine involves waking up late afternoons after a night of partying that usually extends to early afternoon. Such routine is said to be driven by purpose, as Hilton intends to carve her own destiny and make her own money, which she does by showing up at parties for a fee.

However, it is not exactly known if the Kardashians ever paid the heiress a cent for the endorsement and all that popularity that the clan is still enjoying to this day. All that is known is that eventually, there was a falling out between Kim and Paris, which is a trait of most made-in-Hollywood friendships anyway, barring a few exceptions.

What is a great mystery is how the author of Diary of An Heiress seemed to just disappear from the public eye from the moment the Kardashians took over the zenith of TV popularity. Did Paris pull the Houdini deliberately, or was she simply eclipsed by the Kardashians? After all, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is the new keeping up with the Joneses.

From a galactic perspective, the situation is akin to the Hubble Space Telescope giving up on the Earth's star in order to find millions if not billions of mega stars in the Milky Way. Anyway, one of the players of KUWTK is apparently planning a massive coup d'etat like the emperor in Star Wars secretly having a Death Star built in some far off section of the galaxy.

Blac Chyna's planned takeover of the show has been first revealed in a Daily Mail exclusive. The uncovered plot goes this way.

"Blac Chyna is trying for baby with Rob to become 'most famous Kardashian of them all' -- and she wrote down all the SECRETS ex-BFF Kim told her, reveals author [Ian Halperin]."
Here are a few more salacious details on Blac Chyna's own brand of secret Death Star plans.
"Former fellow strippers in Miami say she had 'jet-set ambitions'...Chyna and Rob's engagement was not a surprise - and close friend says they are already trying for a baby to make Chyna bigger than rest of family."
Although often introduced as an American model and entrepreneur, Blac Chyna, whose full name is Angela Renee White, was a former dancer at a strip club. Chyna's plan to exclude Kim Kardashian from her wedding guest list, covered in a recent Inquisitr story, may be part of her bigger plan to eventually take over the Kardashian dynasty.

It is so easy to mistake Chyna for rapper Nicki Minaj, especially when caught sporting a pink coiffure. Her Facebook profile adds that she is often referred to as a "video vixen due to her frequent appearances in hip hop music videos. In 2014, she launched her own make-up brand LASHED by Blac Chyna, with a beauty salon in Encino, Los Angeles."

In view of all these allegations of a Chyna takeover, it is tempting to wonder how the matriarch of the Kardashians, namely Kris Jenner, feels about all these new developments. Even more interesting is Kim Kardashian's possible counter-plan to thwart an impending Chyna offensive. Would Kardashian rather wait and see until the whole plan unfolds before her very eyes? From the Kardashian's perceived public persona, it doesn't seem that the beauty and the fighter will sit idly by and just allow events to shape her. If she managed to steal the fire of stardom from Paris Hilton 10 years ago, surely Kim Kardashian must have her own plan in place. Therefore, it is logical to expect a Kim-Chyna fight to the finish.

[Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images]