Green Bay Packers RB Eddie Lacy’s Weight Transformation Is ‘Remarkable’

Eddie Lacy played the entire 2015 NFL season out of shape for the Green Bay Packers, and head coach Mike McCarthy was very concerned about his weight. There were many analysts who estimated that Lacy was playing at around 260 pounds, which simply isn’t going to cut it for a starting running back.

According to a report from Albert Breer of the NFL Network, Lacy’s weight transformation this offseason has been “remarkable,” and the fans and Packers will love what they see from him.

Last season with the Packers, Lacy finished the year with 187 carries for 758 yards and three touchdowns. He had absolutely no explosiveness all season long, and Green Bay was forced to rely on Aaron Rodgers and the passing game alone. Even James Starks seemed to get more time on the field with his fumbling problems as the season went on with Lacy’s struggles getting worse.

Perhaps the weight problem will be the wake-up call that Lacy needed. He needs to understand that being a starting running back in the NFL is a full-time job and that taking care of his body is one of the most important things to being at the top of his game.

One picture has been released recently that seems to show Lacy at a very comfortable and impressive new weight.

It certainly seems to show a new and improved Lacy, which is huge news for the Packers. If they can get Lacy back to playing at a star-caliber level, their offense will once again be one of the most dangerous in the NFL.

Green Bay will be getting star wide receiver Jordy Nelson back from his torn ACL that he suffered in preseason action last year. That alone will take their offense to a new level. Thinking about Lacy being a 1,000-yard running back again should strike fear into the hearts of opposing defensive coordinators.

At just 25-years-old, the Packers are giving Lacy a second chance. Young players always have learning experiences, and this is one of those situations. Giving up on Lacy would have been a massive mistake for the Packers, and it was good to see McCarthy and the players stick with Lacy even through the struggles.

All of that being said, this story has made for a very intriguing situation to keep an eye on in the coming months. Can Lacy get his act together and keep himself in shape? Will Green Bay get the star running back that they need to balance out their offense?

There are certainly reasons for the Packers to believe that Lacy is back in shape, but time will tell when he reports to camp.

Looking ahead at the upcoming season, it will be interesting to see what kind of numbers Lacy puts up. He still has the talent to be a 1,000-yard back each and every season, but he has to put everything together and make it happen. Lacy is going to continue getting the bulk of the carries for the Packers, but McCarthy won’t be hesitant to take them away if his starting back doesn’t come out improved.

Eddie Lacy is set to be an impact player for the Green Bay Packers once again in 2016.
[AP Photo/Matt Ludtke]

Expect to see Lacy get his career back on track after the disappointing 2015 season. He seems to be taking his failure last season very seriously and will do everything he can to prove that he is not a bust. If he doesn’t come through with a big season and look in shape, there is a good chance that Green Bay could choose to move on from him.

Do you think that Eddie Lacy will bounce back in the 2016 NFL season for the Green Bay Packers? Weight has been an issue for many players before him, but Lacy has taken the right steps to get back in shape this offseason, and it will pay off for him.

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