‘RHOBH’ Star, Lisa Rinna Says She Owned Up To Her Part, And Crowns Kathryn Edwards As The New Lisa Vanderpump Cheerleader

At this point, most Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) fans are sick of hearing what Lisa Rinna has to say about why she did or did not have a part in the Munchhausen’s disease gossip. In her new Bravo blog, she admits her role, and states that she has owned up to her part in the debate. She doesn’t understand why Lisa Vanderpump (still) refuses to accept her role in the rumor and isn’t sure if they can ever repair their strained relationship.

“My longtime hairdresser, Faye Woods, and I had a discussion about Munchausen. She told me she knew someone who had Munchausen and, given what she’d seen on the show and online, she felt Yolanda’s actions were quite similar. That was when I first looked up the ‘M’ word.”

According to E! Online, Lisa R claims that she brought up her conversation with her hairdresser to Kyle Richards, and Richards agreed that Yolanda’s behavior was erratic. Rinna now contends that there was no evil intent on either one of their parts, they were merely airing their suspicions in a safe environment.

“There was no ill intent on either of our parts and again, I am telling you, I am the one who brought this topic to the girls. I have not and will not pass blame about this within our group. I was the one to bring the “M” word, not LVP as Yolanda said at Kyle’s party.”

Lisa R claimed on RHOBH last night that Lisa Vanderpump was responsible for starting the rumor. Lisa claimed that she went along with the suggestion but swore to Yolanda that it was ultimately Vanderpump’s fault. Keeping up with Lisa Rinna’s stories is becoming exhausting as her stance changes so often. It was just last week that she stated Vanderpump manipulated her into taking the blame for the Munchhausen’s gossip.

“While we were at dinner in Malibu at the Malibu Farm, the night Kyle invited all of us to Dubai, LVP said she had never spoken to me on the phone, and I can say without a doubt that she has indeed called me…many times! Let’s break that down a bit. In one phone bill cycle, I spoke to LVP on the phone 10 times and within a specific 24-hour period, she called me five times to infer that others knew I had brought up the “M” word and further hinted that, in her opinion, I should, sooner or later, admit this.”

Rinna admitted that she did say the “M” word, but only after encouraged to voice her concerns by Vanderpump. She felt, at the time, that Lisa was manipulating her into taking the fall for implying that Yolanda faked her Lyme disease, and that worried her. She felt as if she wouldn’t have been able to prove that Vanderpump orchestrated the Munchausen’s rumor, which Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump would have allowed her to take the fall for it. Apparently, this was something Eileen Davidson hinted that Lisa was capable of doing, and urged Lisa to come clean to Yolanda before Vanderpump beat her to it.

“I brought up the “M” word, but it seems that maybe that wasn’t enough to satisfy LVP. Why would she feel the need to come out after me and ask why I hadn’t brought Kyle into it, and then run to Kyle saying “Whew, I thought Lisa Rinna was going to bring YOU into it”?

Lisa’s big question since the whole Munchausen’s disease rumor started is why did Lisa Vanderpump threaten to throw Kyle under the bus, and why is Richards okay with knowing her best friend could (and eventually will) turn on her? Kyle didn’t have an answer as to why she tolerates Vanderpump’s possible betrayal. The other RHOBH cast members assumed that for Richards, it’s better to be on good terms with Lisa Vanderpump than being her enemy (frenemy).

“I own the fact that I brought up the Munchausen, I’m the one that used the word Munchausen, nobody else used the word Munchausen and absolutely nobody accused Yolanda of having Munchausen. I brought it up, and then it took a life of its own.”

Lisa claimed that she was no longer the spokesperson for Vanderpump’s Kool-aid, as that position was filed by Kathryn Edwards. Apparently, Edwards stated that she had nothing against Lisa V, and so it was difficult for her to go against her. She noted that she isn’t sure if Vanderpump is manipulative and wants to stay out of the group’s drama.

“That position has been filled by many, and I am happy to say that I am thrilled to have quit the LVP head cheerleader position before I drank any of that infamous kool-aid. Have fun in your new Vanderpump kool-aid CEO position, Kathryn! Hope the compensation is worth it!”

In the end, the truth was lost somewhere along the way as Lisa Rinna has rehashed the storyline over and over. Weeks later, the fans no longer care about what was said. Most of the RHOBH fans know Lisa V faults, and yet they choose to love her regardless. Just like her good pal, Eileen Davidson, the soap opera queens have a real issue with letting issues (anything to do with Vanderpump) go, and knowing which battles to fight.

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