Prince William And Princess Kate Bottle Feed Animals On Safari In India

Prince William and Princess Kate appear to be having a fabulous time in India. They had the chance to visit Kaziranga National Park in Assam, where they got to bottle feed animals that were orphaned or injured. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looked postcard-perfect touring and looking after the animals in picturesque Assam, India.

According to the Inquisitr, Princess Kate is breathing some new life into the House of Windsor with her projects and tours. Recently, Princess Kate was the guest editor for the Huffington Post with a focus on her personal project, which is identifying mental illness. Princess Kate is being incredibly proactive in saying that she believes the stigma needs to be removed and that if Prince George or Princess Charlotte were having a mental health problem, she would address it as if they had any other health issue.

ABC News reported that Princess Kate and Prince William fully immersed themselves in their visit to India, and had the opportunity to bottle feed injured and orphaned animals at Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India. The animals displaced in the wild were cuddled and bottle fed by the Prince and Princess in an attempt to highlight the plight of the one-horned rhino.

Prince William has been a very vocal advocate of anti-poaching efforts, and plans to meet with rangers throughout the India trip who are working to protect and preserve the rhino population. In the last year, six rhinos were killed in the area that Prince William and Princess Kate visited, in order to take their horns, which are thought to increase potency in men.

CTV followed Prince William and Princess Kate on their visit and safari to Kaziranga National Forest to see the preservation efforts in action, particularly for the one-horned rhino. The royal couple headed out on a jeep in northeast India to see elephants, rhinos and more in the national forest in Assam.

A park official, acting as a guide, gave the prince and princess a tour of the 185 square mile reserve, which is covered by grasslands and an evergreen forest. In addition to elephants and rhinos, Princess Kate and Prince William saw endangered species like the swamp deer and Hoolock Gibbon.

US Weekly commented that it was royals gone wild as Princess Kate and Prince William had a chance to enjoy some time outdoors on safari enjoying the wildlife. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge fed the baby animals bottles of milk enhanced with coconut oil for extra nutrition. The baby elephant and rhino, named Dunga, were babied by the couple, who admitted they were missing their own babies, Princess Charlotte and Prince George. The royal children are back in England with their grandparents, the Middletons.
While at the park, Princess Kate and Prince William also had the opportunity to meet with members of Elephant Family, an environmental group headed by Prince William's stepmother Duchess Camilla. The royal couple will next head to Bhutan, and then back to India to visit the Taj Mahal, where Prince William's mother visited on a royal trip in 1992. A palace spokesman admitted that Prince William is always touched to be able to visit places that were important to his mother, Princess Diana.

"[William] feels incredibly lucky to visit a place where his mother's memory is kept alive by so many who travel there."

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[Photo by Adnan Abidi/AP Images]