Security Tape Confirms Motley Crue's Vince Neil Grabbed Woman By Hair

A security tape proves that Vince Neil of Motley Crue did assault a woman by grabbing her by the hair and pulling her to the ground, despite his denial. Before the tape emerged, Neil vehemently denied that he grabbed the woman by the hair, but the tape now proves the assault.

According to the Inquisitr, the story broke when Vince Neil and actor Nic Cage were caught on tape fighting outside the Aria Hotel and Casino. It seems that Cage was trying to calm Neil down after he lost his temper and assaulted a woman who had asked Cage for an autograph. In the video and stills from the incident, Cage looks put together in a neat, royal blue suit, while Neil is in a dirty T-shirt, untucked, and ill-fitting cargo shorts.

TMZ is reporting that Vince Neil, formerly of Motley Crue, now has more trouble on his hands than he thought after assaulting a woman at the Aria Hotel and Casino. Neil had denied assaulting the woman, but that was before the tape emerged that proved what happened.

The still-unnamed woman was just seeking an autograph from actor Nicolas Cage when Vince Neil grabbed her from behind, and pulled her hard enough by her hair that on tape, she is on the ground, and Neil has pulled out a fistful of her hair. Neil claims he only pushed by an autograph seeker, but the tape tells a different story.

Now the woman who was assaulted by Neil claims that she is having back pain as a result of the attack at the Aria Hotel and Casino. The initial story broke when Nic Cage and Neil were seen wrestling outside the Aria, but the same security tape provides more information on that altercation, too. It seems Cage was truly the peacemaker, as he was calming Neil after he tried to start yet another fight after pulling the autograph seeker to the ground. There is no word yet whether Neil was drunk or otherwise impaired during this event at the Aria, but other reports suggest that Neil was coming from a lunch with heavy drinking.
The Hollywood Gossip said that the assault, and then the tussle with Nic Cage, came after Vince Neil, Cage, and Carrot Top had met for a "boozy lunch" at the hotel. Nic Cage was actually trying his best to calm Neil, and prevent him from getting into yet another assault or legal situation, as Cage seemed to know that Neil was out of control, as he tried talking him down.

"Stop this s*** now! I love you!"

Neil got a ticket from the Las Vegas police for battery, but was not arrested at the time. It is possible that Neil could now face more charges. Most people noticed the difference in dress and demeanor between Cage and Neil, as Cage was well-groomed, and dressed professionally, while The Hollywood Gossip reports that Vince Neil was dressed like "a sloppy tourist in shorts and a tee."

Death and Taxes reported in detail that Vince Neil has had big trouble for years with drugs and alcohol, even being charged with vehicular manslaughter in the death of a friend while driving drunk, for which he only spent a month in jail. He has been convicted for drunk driving since, and only spent two weeks in jail for that crime.

Curiously, Las Vegas police did not arrest or test Neil in any way, considering his record. Neil has been arrested several times in Las Vegas for assault and other alcohol-fueled crimes.

Do you think the Las Vegas police should have arrested Vince Neil after this most recent assault on a woman?

[Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images]