‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ Xbox One Patch Fixes Bugs And Adds Slight Performance Improvement

Studio Wildcard dropped the promised ARK: Survival Evolved patch on Tuesday evening to the Xbox One to fix a handful of lingering bugs. This latest update follows on the heels of the big 733.0 patch that added new creatures, content, and Extinction servers last week. Don’t go looking for the previously mentioned new vanilla servers quite yet, though.

The latest ARK: Survival Evolved patch brings the dinosaur survival game up to version 733.2. The update was projected to be released on Wednesday, April 13, but made it out of Microsoft certification a little early. The promised new servers aren’t quite ready to deploy yet as a result. They are still scheduled to come online sometime Wednesday, according to a Twitter post from Studio Wildcard Co-founder Susan Stieglitz.

The good news is the 733.2 patch did fix some bothersome glitches with the game. The Beaver and Beaver Dam spawn rates have been corrected, while the bug that sometimes caused harvesting materials with tamed dinosaurs to not work has also been addressed.

There are some performance improvements to ARK: Survival Evolved with this update too. The rendering performance has been improved by approximately 4 percent. This is in addition to the 10 percent rendering improvement from the 733.0 patch. Additionally, an “out of memory crash” has also been fixed, which was one of the most common causes of the game client crashing on the Xbox One.

ARK: Survival Evolved (Xbox One, PC)
[Image via ARK: Survival Evolved]

Here are the complete patch notes for the ARK: Survival Evolved 733.2 release.

  • Fixed Beaver/Dam spawn rates
  • Fixed/improved “out of memory” crashes (responsible for most current crashes)
  • Fixed invisible supply crates in caves/underwater on clients
  • Fixed multi-floor building on Rafts and Platform saddles (disallowed on Quetz still due to exploit)
  • Improved rendering performance slightly (~4 percent)
  • Fixed player dedicated servers that were not spawning dinos
  • Fixed case where dino harvesting would break

It should be interesting to see how many new vanilla official servers are added to ARK: Survival Evolved and the response from the game’s community. The new Extinction servers are only a few days old, but will reset once a month with a meteor impact to signal the reset. They also have harvesting and experience boosts of two to three times what is experienced on the official servers.

“These time-limited servers are a great way for new players to start on a level playing field and a challenging gameplay choice for those who want to see how far they can progress before the end of days. Participants will earn badges to mark their accomplishment,” Studio Wildcard explained.

ARK: Survival Evolved (Xbox One, PC)
[Image via ARK: Survival Evolved]

The question for the vanilla official servers, though, is how will the player population move with even more added. The current official servers have matured to the point where various Alpha tribes dominate unless their members break up and leave the game. This has frustrated smaller tribes and individual players who pack up for another server or just quit playing entirely. The Extinction servers are meant to satisfy the desire for players to get on something new. However, some players are clearly itching for new permanent official servers as well.

How will Studio Wildcard react if the population of many official servers peters out to the single digits? The independent developer hasn’t given any indication, but the available options would be to reset those servers or take them offline to save on costs.

Still, ARK: Survival Evolved may see a boost to its player population in Europe and Asia soon. The Xbox Game Preview program is expanding, which will make available in the countries of Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Singapore, and Taiwan.

[Image via Studio Wildcard]

[Edit: The 733.4 version number was a typo from Studio Wildcard’s patch notes. Community Manager Jat confirmed the correct version should be 733.2, which this article now reflects.]