JJ Watt Scores Points On Romantic Date With Kate Hudson

Hearts are breaking all over Texas after Kate Hudson shared a video from her date with JJ Watt on Monday night.

The Snapchat video has the two laughing and flirtatious, playfully teasing about the stars on Kate's head in the video. JJ pouts because he has no stars, and says he guesses the stars go to the "hottest one on the date." Shortly after his comment, he was blessed with a few stars of his own, causing Kate to laugh out loud.

Watt, the defensive end for the Houston Texans, has been linked romantically with Carolyn Wozniacki, but that relationship appears to have fizzled out with no further news from that angle. There have been no recent reports of any romance in his life, but the way JJ tells it to NFL.com, it's not for lack of desire.
"Trust me, I would love to have a wife and kids. I would very much enjoy that. But I also know that you have to be in the right place to do that. You have to find the right situation, and you have to be in that right mindset where you can give everything you have to that. Because whatever I do, I want to be the best at. I want to be the best husband. I want to be the best father."
He most definitely is the type of man who wants to be the best at whatever he does. In spite of his incredible success on the field, when discussing football, he reveals he hasn't yet reached his peak. The defensive lineman clearly expects more from himself than perhaps even his coaches do. He keeps a rigid practice and workout schedule, a ridiculously high-calorie, albeit bland, diet, and the sleep regimen of an old man. He's in bed by 7:00 p.m. most nights, because he is just that devoted. Knowing that, he realizes there will be a time when his focus needs to be on a wife and children, and that his world will revolve around that.

As for Ms. Hudson, the famous actress and daughter of Goldie Hawn, she's been romantically linked to superstar athletes in the past. She was, according to TMZ, involved with Alex Rodriguez back in 2009. Prior to that, she was married in 2000 to Chris Robinson, front-man for the Black Crowes. Robinson is the father of her oldest son, Ryder. After her split with Robinson, Kate had a brief, tumultous relationship with Owen Wilson, her costar in You, Me and Dupree in 2006. After her relationship with Rodriguez in 2009, she was engaged to another rocker, Muse front-man Matthew Bellamy, who was the father of her youngest son, Bingham. Since 2014, though, she hasn't been romantically linked with anyone, People magazine tells us.

Judging by Kate's beautiful glowing smile and playful banter on the video from her date with JJ Watt, she's happy and clearly enjoying JJ's company. They're both unattached, and, fortunately, she'd be a great candidate for JJ's girlfriend as she's also a celebrity. Watt has said in the past that he's concerned about the motives of women who want to date him.

"That's why it's so difficult. You don't know who wants you for you, who wants you for the money, who wants you for the fame, You have no idea. But you can't think about love on paper like that... Then you're gonna have a hell of a hard time falling in love."
The thought of the two celebrities falling in love might be a bit premature, since the two have only had one, maybe two dates. JJ Watt posted a little teaser on social media Saturday that hinted at a special date. He posted a pic on Snapchat of wine glasses, roses, and cookies, but kept the details a secret. Possibly a date with the blonde actress?

[Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images]