Rush Limbaugh: ‘Cruz Is Winning, Not Cheating’

Rush Limbaugh, ever a controversial figure in politics, weighed in on Ted Cruz’s recent gain of delegates, saying that Cruz isn’t cheating, he’s merely winning. In fact, Rush says there’s no dishonesty whatsoever on the part of Cruz or the Republican establishment, according to Western Journalism, but that Donald Trump’s campaign just wasn’t familiar with the establishment rules.

The controversy started when Ted Cruz gained multiple delegates in Colorado last weekend in a process that, although completely legal, is being called unfair by his opponent’s campaign staff. Donald Trump’s staff either wasn’t aware of the process or didn’t think it would turn out the way it did. Trump supporters are crying foul while Cruz supporters are, naturally, citing Colorado’s history in primary elections. Cory Gardner, a Colorado senator, is defending his state’s method of delegate selection.

Donald Trump, obviously unhappy after being steamrolled by Ted Cruz in Colorado last weekend, is shouting “foul play” at Cruz being awarded all 34 delegates. The fact is, those delegates were chosen in March. Republicans argue that the rules for selecting delegates have been known publicly since last August and that if Trump’s campaign people had done their homework, they’d have known it. As it turned out, however, Trump didn’t even attend the Colorado proceedings over the weekend and instead sent a surrogate. Ted Cruz knew the rules and showed up to participate.

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According to the Washington Times, Trump’s campaign looked disorganized and weak at the weekend’s caucus in Colorado Springs. They made the mistake of issuing brochures without a complete list of Trump’s delegates. Also, Ted Cruz not only showed up, but even spoke at the convention. Donald Trump and John Kasich did neither.

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Rush Limbaugh hasn’t exactly been known for subtlety when discussing issues from the political arena, and he’s been plenty outspoken over this. He has gone so far as to chalk it up to Trump not doing the necessary work involved in picking up delegates. According to CBS News, Limbaugh said Trump’s campaign didn’t know how the delegate selection process worked in the state of Colorado and that the establishment Republican wing did.

Rush defended Cruz’s victory on his show and on his website, and claims there is something to be said for a candidate that knows how to navigate the system. Ted Cruz had goals, he saw the challenges and studied them. He worked it through and accomplished what he set out to do in Colorado. According to Rush Limbaugh, that’s a good thing.

“You have to look at this and say, ‘Okay, what does this tell us about Cruz, if he should become president?'”

Limbaugh has said he believes Donald Trump got into this predicament by not being proactive. He became overly confident early on, bragging about having double-digit leads over his opponents, which he truthfully did. However, Trump somehow expected the popular votes to translate over to the number of delegates and that simply wasn’t the case. There are lessons to be learned here, and as we get closer to the convention this summer, it becomes more apparent. Many Ted Cruz supporters and Republican insiders say it all comes down to the truth, and that truth is that Colorado’s delegate selection process is transparent and available to the public. As much as Donald Trump and his supporters would like to believe what happened in Colorado was a dirty, under-handed trick, Rush says that’s not true.

“So I don’t see Ted Cruz lying and cheating his way to the convention. I see a lot of hard work. I see some people who know what they have to do, given where they are. They’re in second place in both the vote count and the delegate count. They’re serious about winning. The Cruz team is serious about winning.”

Where do you stand on the issue? Does Ted Cruz deserve the delegates he was awarded for hard work? Or is Trump correct in saying the process wasn’t fair? Please weigh in on the comments section below.

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